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Real Estate Law

Exactly What Is A Landlords Insurance Product?

07th February 2011
You may own a single rental property or maybe you own a wide assortment of rental properties. No matter what, if you're a landlord in any kind of capacity, then you really have got to be certain that you're going to be adequately covered with insurance, f...
Author: Denise Judge
Real Estate Law

Understanding Your Rental Agreement And An Eviction Notice

18th March 2010
Almost all landlords will eventually have to evict one of his tenants. To evict means to use legal methods to force a tenant to leave the landlord's property if they will not do so voluntarily. There are many reasons a landlord may have to evict, inc...
Author: Gen Wright
Real Estate Law

EPCs for Landlords – Background

06th January 2010
One of the important areas of the recent strategies for tackling climate changes is the European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings or EPBD. As around 50% of all carbon emissions in the UK actually come from buildings it is vital that the en...
Author: crenergy