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Exactly What Is A Landlords Insurance Product?

07th February 2011
By Denise Judge in Real Estate Law
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You may own a single rental property or maybe you own a wide assortment of rental properties. No matter what, if you're a landlord in any kind of capacity, then you really have got to be certain that you're going to be adequately covered with insurance, for any of the possible liabilities involved with operating a property rental business. A lot of people imagine that their current traditional buildings and contents policy might also cover whatever rental properties they may own, although this is simply not the case. Given that the rented property is actually a small business, you simply must invest in a different kind of insurance product, commonly called Property Owners Insurance, Landlords Insurance or Buy To Let Insurance.

If you become a landlord you will have a legal responsibility to make certain that your tenants are residing in a safe building

Landlords insurance provides you with the standard of protection required to insure numerous potential disasters and incidents. As a landlord you will have a legal obligation to be certain that your renters are residing in a safe dwelling. Which means that, if your tenant trips over a badly fitted carpet or gets an electric shock because of some thing which has not been wired adequately, you will find there's a fairly good chance that they're going to make a claim against you. Landlords insurance is designed to protect you against these types of insurance claims.

If your rental property complies with all of today's health and safety standards, you should not have any major difficulties, since you will have arranged for yearly gas check ups and all your electrical power equipment will have been safety tested. Even so, unpredicted events can arise whenever you least expect them, which is why you will need to be sure that you are entirely covered by a specialist Buy To Let insurance policy.

A Buy To Let insurance product will additionally cover anything that you own inside of the dwelling

Apart from landlords liability cover, this specialist kind of Property Owners insurance provides protection in case there is a flood or fire and many other similar disasters. It will be possible to claim for the cost of any specific rebuilding work which might be necessary and you should accordingly be sure that any property valuation provided to your insurance firm is correct and up-to-date.

Despite the fact that almost all tenants are going to take out their own separate insurance product to protect their personal belongings, you have got to insure anything that you own inside of the residence, in particular, carpeting, rugs and furnishings. A Property Owners insurance product will offer protection for any damage caused by the renter, to these kinds of items.

A Property Owners insurance policy will offer damage cover, even though the dwelling could be unoccupied for several months

Whenever you are renting out a property, there can be occasions when the home will continue to be unoccupied for a number of months Should the property becomes damaged during this period, an ordinary home insurance policy will not cover the landlord for any damage incurred. Conversely, a specialist Buy To Let insurance policy covers such a risk.

For anybody who is thinking of getting into the property letting market, I would suggest that you should have an in depth conversation with your insurance advisor, to make certain that you have the peace of mind that you are investing in a Property Owners insurance policy, which will provide you with the level of protection expected.

Denise Judge is currently the Managing Director of an established firm of independent insurance brokers, based in Islington, North London, as has over 18 years of experience in the insurance industry.

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