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Your Children Deserve Protection From The Financial Ruin That Can Come With Divorce

29th September 2010
Your Children Deserve Protection From The Financial Ruin That Can Come With Divorce Cathi Adams ©All Rights Reserved In any divorce case, nobody suffers more than the children. The emotional distress that comes to them with the separation of the two...
Author: Johnfox

The Effects of Divorce

23rd September 2010
When married couples divorce, there are effects and consequences that can affect not only the parties involved but their community and people around them as well. Divorce causes a lot of stress but this is also the main reason why people separate. Couples...
Author: Dalton Nolan
Medical Malpractice

Dealing With Medical Malpractice

22nd September 2010
The term “medical malpractice” is heard repeatedly. It means something different to a personal injury attorney than it does to most individuals, however. Malpractice doesn’t mean that a doctor was rude or that you just weren’t happy with their care. Malpr...
Author: Rasansky Law Firm
Immigration Law

Waiver....An Essential Passport To Enter To The US

15th September 2010
Existence of a criminal record can be a big hindrance to not only getting good jobs but also entering the US. While traveling to the US especially, the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you hold a criminal record in your home country be it C...
Author: astonbordon
Estate Planning

Tradesman liability insurance And Why You Need It

10th August 2010
Are you in a service oriented business? If you're a tradesman then you know that there are many things that can go wrong from the service not being successfully completed, your equipment breaking or being getting stolen, and somebody getting injured duri...
Author: alfredalton

Hiring Tax Consultants

03rd August 2010
When it comes time to get those income tax returns in, hiring a tax accountant to help you might be a good idea. When you have a job from which you draw a wage and no other income, then doing your individual tax return is relatively easy. But if you own a...
Author: Financial Advisor

Common mistakes to avoid while going through a divorce

12th July 2010
It is difficult to deal with something as unsettling as divorce. You want to get it over with but it is not wise to rush into decisions. Your impatience may lead to errors and ultimately a settlement that does not give you what you rightfully deserve. You...
Author: michael23

Should You Employ a Divorce Lawyer?

30th June 2010
A financial burden in today's society is always painful to deal with along with the emotional pain of getting divorced. The fiscal consequences of your divorce are permanent. A good divorce lawyer will help to ensure that you will get the best result poss...
Author: typicalknoll42

The Consequences of Submitting Fake Documents for a US Visa

28th June 2010
This is an overview of the consequences a person may face for submitting false documents in order to get a green card. Anyone submitting documents to US immigration must comply with a number of document requirements under the Immigration and Nationality A...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Personal Injury

Injury Advice: Head Injury Claims

23rd June 2010
The brain is very fragile, so any injury to the head has the potential to be a serious one if the brain is affected by it. When the brain is damaged the victim can suffer long-term complications and any number of mental and physical disorders and disabili...
Author: Jessica Parker
Personal Injury

Jogging Hazards May Make a Personal Injury Lawyer Your Best Friend

18th June 2010
Joggers can face many hazards while trying to pursue a healthy sport that can cause a variety of injuries. These same injuries can prevent a runner from working, which can lead to a loss of income. Injuries can be incurred in situations such as a bite fro...
Author: Nick Messe

SMSF excess contributions tax avoidance: ATO targets dodgy deeds

08th June 2010
If you think your SMSF deed allows you to circumvent excess contributions tax - think again. The ATO has recently published a Taxpayer Alert which examines the effect of provisions in some SMSF deeds that attempt to avoid excess contributions tax. These a...
Author: Maddocks Solicitors
Real Estate Law

The Assistance of Real Estate Lawyers Can Go a Long Way

02nd June 2010
The acquisition of property is a very big deal especially to the buyer side. A real estate property may be the biggest investment purchased by a person over his or her lifetime. The negotiations up to the transfer of title are arduous processes best done ...
Author: roanprice

Divorce Records Let You Know the Divorce Reasons

26th May 2010
For many, divorce is like a nightmare. It is also regarded as the worst phase in someone's life. Usually, a person confronts such phase when they tie their knot with the wrong person and later their relationship comes at stake. But divorce is not the end ...
Author: Article Publisher
Criminal Law

Las Vegas criminal attorney

25th May 2010
There may be usually in your life when you or your family member is arrested or imposed with a crime. This may quite an embarrassing experience in your life. In a country such as Las Vegas, where your fame is at stake in case you are imposed with a crime...
Author: Jamie Hanson
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