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The Effects of Divorce

23rd September 2010
By Dalton Nolan in Divorce
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When married couples divorce, there are effects and consequences that can affect not only the parties involved but their community and people around them as well.

Divorce causes a lot of stress but this is also the main reason why people separate. Couples draw the line when the marriage is too difficult to handle. The emotional stress and the pain caused by the marriage could be enough grounds for separation. A divorce lawyer New Jersey and other US states know this for a fact.

What about the conjugal properties of the married couple?

The properties are divided accordingly. If the couple does not come to an agreement and need professional help on division of assets, the court will decide. A divorce lawyer New Jersey can mediate in this issue, however, it does not always work for couples; the case will be settled in court.

If the couple has at least a child, and if the couple cannot decide on the custody of the child, the court will also settle this conflict. Other things to be settled include debts, money, and business.

What about the emotional and psychological effects of divorce?

The main problem of divorce consequence is on the child. In the US, children whose parents have divorced are more likely to suffer from depression, inferiority complex and other behavioral disorders. There can also be trauma in the child if the parents were separated and were never reconciled.

The couple may also suffer from the aftermath of the divorce. Marriage trauma is one effect that occurs not only in women but in men as well.

Relatives and friends of divorced couples can be affected, depending on the degree of closeness and intimacy. Especially in couples who had a tragic breakup, the effect of divorce to their community can be severe.

Divorce may cause emotional, physical and financial stress, but it is still the couple's decision whether to go about in their marriage or not. What is important is avoiding further conflicts that may lead to more serious problems. A divorce lawyer New Jersey as well as other states in the US may help in the process of legal separation, but he generally cannot provide emotional and psychological aide in the affected parties.

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