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New York City Traffic Ticket Lawyer

13th August 2012
New York City Traffic Ticket Lawyer If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation such as speeding, passing a red light, passing a school bus, unsafe lane change, failure to signal or other violation in New York City, which includes Manhattan, Brooklyn...
Author: eunara60

7 Ways of Improving Your Chances in a Criminal Case

27th April 2012
If you are being prosecuted in a criminal court case then it is highly important to ensure you do everything in your power to come out on top and to avoid the most serious repercussions. If you should lose this case, you might find that you end up losing...
Author: Steven Dawson
Personal Injury

how to make your personal damage cases more powerful

04th October 2011
New York law makes it a criminal offense for anyone drive an automobile a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or even drugs. Which means anyone who is actually arrested for along with convicted of such a offense could face critical criminal charg...
Author: JoelHanson
Criminal Law

Criminal Proceedings

02nd February 2011
The six types of proceedings in Criminal Cases You, or someone you know, has been arrested. You know that you are going to have to go to court. But When? How often? And what does it mean when you do go to court. This article attempts to give an over...
Author: Denmon & Denmon Trial Lawyers

When A Dog Bites Get A Personal Injury Lawyer

21st June 2010
Every year, millions of people throughout the country suffer from dog bites. In our society, many people have come to think about their pets as people with fur or hair, forgetting that they are still animals and do not have the capacity to reason and thin...
Author: Nick Messe

Felony DUI – all about the offenses and the penalties

14th June 2010
When does your drunk driving offense become a felony? Well, in most cases, a DUI or Driving Under Influence offense is considered as a misdemeanor in the state of Tennessee. But there are circumstances where the offenses are treated as felonies. The penal...
Author: Ashley Smith
Criminal Law

What Does a Tampa Criminal Attorney Cost?

28th April 2010
It goes without saying that hiring a Tampa criminal attorney will be an expensive undertaking and one which many people may have to stretch themselves to afford. Criminal attorneys can charge in a number of ways, but in nearly all cases the calculation o...
Author: juliannemayers
Immigration Law

Criminal and Immigration Lawyers

23rd March 2010
Criminal and Immigration Lawyers must interact in order to help you actually.Question: I have have fully commited a crime, yet really don't understand if I ought to plead guilty and also not when I do plead guilty, I really do not find out what I really s...
Author: Rudy Johns

Legal Forms Called Legal Pleadings Ask The Court For Something

01st December 2009
A legal pleading is a legal form that is typically prepared by an attorney, of course anyone can prepare a legal pleading and file it, but usually it is best left to an attorney. What Is a Legal Pleading Used For? A legal pleading is a legal form th...
Author: James Kahn

DWI DUI What Happens In A Criminal Trail For DWI/DUI Arrest

13th October 2009
DWI DUI What Happens In A Criminal Trail For DWI/DUI Arrest by Sharon Beth Morris, Attorney at Law The Anatomy of a Criminal Case and ARREST. The person suspected of committing a criminal act is arrested. If the target person is not immediately a...
Author: drifter111

Standard of proof in DMV Hearings

07th June 2006
Standard of proof in DMV Hearings The standard of proof at DMV hearings is the preponderance of the evidence standard. This level of proof is required in most civil cases, which DMV hearings can be likened to, as opposed to the criminal court trial where...
Author: Darren Kavinoky