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How Do I Know IF I have a good Divorce Attorney For Men

19th September 2011
What to look for in an Aggressive Tampa Divorce Lawyer For Men When choosing an Aggressive Divorce Attorney for Men, it is important to look for unique qualities that most Divorce Attorney’s lack. Very few Attorney’s can specialize in Divorce for Men. Th...

Tampa Divorce Lawyer | Injunctions in Florida

31st May 2011
If you have been served with a domestic violence injunction or repeat violence injunction , questions may arise. That you may need answers for such as : What is an Injunction, really? There is a hearing; Do I need to go? Should I retain an Attorney...

Bonding OUT

18th February 2011
Criminal Attorney on How to Bond Someone Out of Jail You’re awakened early in the morning, and it is your family member on the other line. He is calling collect, from the local jail. “I am in jail”, they tells you. They don't even have a lawyer yet ...

Taking a DUI Breathalyzer: Pros and Cons

09th February 2011
Taking a DUI Breath Test: Pros and Cons “Should I take the Breath Test?” This is the question most often of DUI Attorneys at social events and cocktails parents. And, like many things in life, there is no clear-cut, bright-line answer. Rather, the an...

Hardship License in Florida : After DUI

07th February 2011
• Denmon & Denmon Trial Lawyers While the you may be overwhelmed by the penalties and fines a DUI could possibly bring, the first penalty you will suffer, often is quickly which is ten days after the initial arrest for DUI, is the loss of the ability to ...

Having a Divorce During a Recession

03rd February 2011
What do you need to know to negotiate your way through a divorce during times of increased economic pressure? In the current economic downturn, things have changed and not for the better. For some, retirement funds also had considerable appreciated value....
Criminal Law

Criminal Proceedings

02nd February 2011
The six types of proceedings in Criminal Cases You, or someone you know, has been arrested. You know that you are going to have to go to court. But When? How often? And what does it mean when you do go to court. This article attempts to give an over...

Fighting a traffic ticket in court

01st February 2011
Beat a Traffic Ticket in Florida: Advice From a Tampa Criminal Lawyer Every single day, people throughout the great state of Florida are stopped, detained, and ticketed Police, sheriffs, and highway patrol for allegedly committing traffic infractions. W...