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Rudy Johns
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About Me: Immigration Attorney and Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law
Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney Reform

30th April 2010
Immigration Reform is coming.It appears in which Immigration Reform may well not happen this year. However, it is actually important of which you actually call your current congressional representatives and your current immigration attorney to try in orde...
Immigration Law

Immigration attorney and Criminallawyer and the guilty plea

10th April 2010
Criminal Attorney must give outcomes of deportation/removal options before Guilty PleaUp until right now, an Immigration lawyer might employ a extremely problematic time trying to get post conviction relief to get a criminal alien who plead guilty to some...
Immigration Law

Deportation Lawyer

23rd March 2010
Southern California Deportation Lawyer in Los Angeles An interview with Brian D. Lerner who is without a doubt a Southern California Los Angeles Deportation Lawyer. Question : Howdy Mr. Lerner, I'm happy of which we may possibly have this interview. Just ...
Immigration Law

Criminal and Immigration Lawyers

23rd March 2010
Criminal and Immigration Lawyers must interact in order to help you actually.Question: I have have fully commited a crime, yet really don't understand if I ought to plead guilty and also not when I do plead guilty, I really do not find out what I really s...