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Income Tax India

07th June 2011
Through One April 2011, once the fresh program code should come directly into effect, the changes within the tax charges, when any, should be completed by appropriate Change Expenses.Taxes Pundits tend to be active analysing the New Program code and distr...
Author: Brock Griffin

Laws and stocks: bringing transparency to the economy

31st January 2011
Every business has an original capital invested at the time of business launch. It is different from property and assets. The value fluctuates from time to time. This stock of a business is divided into shares. Based on the total amount of stock, every sh...
Author: Jorjina

Reporting the Violation of the Securities Law

07th January 2011
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) operate a Center for Complaints. It is the task of this center to look into the tips and complaints from individuals or organizations regarding misconduct as well as unfair and illegal practices in the secur...
Author: Jorjina
Business Law

How to Open a Company in the Philippines

08th December 2010
All of the company organizations are easy to process but the simplest type is a sole proprietorship, it is more of a declaration through the Department of Trade and Industry to allow yourself to operate with a business name. You are fully liable for all o...
Author: Triple i Consulting Inc.

Securities lawyer and Investment Law

02nd July 2010
Securities arbitration is a helpful disagreement resolution tool which helps to determine which parties involved are entitled to recuperate certain damages. In arbitration, an independent third party or panel— >>> Examines the evidence >>> Hears e...
Author: Same Albert

White-Collar Criminals Need A Federal Prison Consultant!

25th March 2009
White-Collar crime in South Florida as well as the United States is escalating at an alarming rate. White-collar crime happens every day. One in five individuals will be affected by white-collar crime at one time or another in their lives. Today's white-c...
Author: Michael Frantz