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Michael Frantz
Member Since: 20th March 2009
Occupation: Federal Prison Consultant
No of Articles: 1
About Me: Michael Frantz is a leading national Federal Prison Consultant with Jail Time Consulting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The staff of JT Consulting LLC provides consultation services, books, JT Special Reports©, as well as timely information to those individuals and their families who are preparing for federal incarceration. JT Consulting offers solutions to the problems that men and women facing federal incarceration are confronted with. These are solutions to real life issues affecting their families, their livelihood, and their future. Mr. Frantz has authored a widely used federal prison guidebook titled, “Jail Time, What you need to know…Before you go to federal prison!” He has also authored over 35 JT Special Reports© on various federal prison issues affecting both the inmate and his/her family. He writes a daily blog on the Jail Time Consulting website and answers readers’ questions and comments. He can be reached at 954-522-2254, 800-804-4686, or at

White-Collar Criminals Need A Federal Prison Consultant!

25th March 2009
White-Collar crime in South Florida as well as the United States is escalating at an alarming rate. White-collar crime happens every day. One in five individuals will be affected by white-collar crime at one time or another in their lives. Today's white-c...