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Real Estate Law

Much to Learn from Canada Having Less Number of Foreclosures and Nil Bank Failures

24th October 2011
There is much to learn from Canada regarding housing matters it has comparatively less number of foreclosures and nil bank failures as compared to USA. A fourth of residential houses in USA has gone underwater the value of the property being le...
Author: karen

Income Tax India

07th June 2011
Through One April 2011, once the fresh program code should come directly into effect, the changes within the tax charges, when any, should be completed by appropriate Change Expenses.Taxes Pundits tend to be active analysing the New Program code and distr...
Author: Brock Griffin
Real Estate Law


19th April 2011
Down, down, down! The latest housing data are downright lousy. New home sales hit a record low, housing prices in general have fallen to their lowest level since housing first hit bottom in April 2009, and the Case Schiller index dropped precipitously by ...
Author: John Hill
Business Law

Leaders should pay more attention to several extra features according to one keynote speaker

10th March 2011
It might be difficult to articulate a precise definition of what business leadership is, but when you ask pundits to come up with a list of desirable features every great leader exhibits, they usually have no problem to produce a couple. For example, they...
Author: Torri Myler