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Business Law

The Role of the Notary Public in Common Law

10th October 2011
A notary public is responsible for overseeing the process of signing of documents between two parties and asks each of them to take an oath of authenticity. Thus a notary public acts as a supervisor. In order to act as an authority for carrying out such ...
Author: Notarizer
Criminal Law

Performing a Employment Background Check for New York

20th April 2011
Diverse criminal activities are now destroying the lives of many individuals in the society. Television news and daily reports from newspapers contain various types of heinous crimes that are now being committed. The sad truth is that these things are not...
Author: JessieMoore
Immigration Law

What is the purpose of Form-I 90

26th February 2011
The Green card is really a individual possession of an individual that is authorized to dwell in the United States. The evidence of authorized rights to dwell and work inside the US will be the permanent resident card or the green card .The green card has...
Author: Al Kola
Internet Law

What are the differences cPanel 10 vs. cPanel 11?

16th February 2011
The latest version of control panel is cPanel 11. You would find that there are many differences between cPanel 10 and cPanel 11. These differences are: Change in security features: In cPanel 11 you would get enhanced security features than cPanel 10...
Author: shilpa dws
Immigration Law

Immigration Forms- Gateway Into the Immigration Process

05th January 2011
The authentication of immigration is carefully done for one and all travelers. It is not seen whether they belong to India or any foreign land. It is perpetually done the moment they arrive or depart from the country. If you are on a look out for a meticu...
Author: Efren Bradford
Internet Law

Internet Privacy Laws: New Privacy Legislation and the "Do Not Track" List

16th December 2010
Internet Privacy - "Do not track" list - privacy legislation Ecommerce and Personalization Ecommerce personalizes the shopping experience, blurring the boundaries between marketing and sales in ways the marketplace has never seen before. Log back on...
Author: Aaron Kelly
Personal Injury

Day-in-the-Life Video Admissibility: Probative vs. Prejudicial

15th November 2010
Day-in-the-life videos are typically presented in court to demonstrate for jurors the severity of a plaintiff's injuries and the impact those injuries have on the plaintiff's daily living activities. These activities, such as rising, eating, bathing, and ...
Author: Mark Alexander, Verdict Videos

What does a Notary Public do?

16th February 2006
What a notary public does is witness the signing of the documents and ask each party for a sworn oath of authenticity. A notary (or a notary public) is a person legally authorized by a state to administer oaths, take acknowledgments & certify documents. A...
Author: David Simmons