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What are the differences cPanel 10 vs. cPanel 11?

16th February 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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The latest version of control panel is cPanel 11. You would find that there are many differences between cPanel 10 and cPanel 11. These differences are:

Change in security features: In cPanel 11 you would get enhanced security features than cPanel 10. You can use securities like enhanced XSS protection, host access control, cPHulk Brute Force Detection and security like authentication of the public key.

Help and wizards: There are differences in the cPanel 11 with cPanel 10 in these features also. The integrated help is more advanced as is the getting started wizard. The new features that are added include web disk access, email user filter and Exim Spam filtering.

Improved design: This is another difference between cPanel 10 and cPanel 11. In cPanel 11 the interface would load much faster than in cPanel 10. The account theme can also be switched quickly in cPanel 11 and in much easier ways. Now, the cPanel 11 also comes with 10 new styles of interface.

Branding difference: cPanel 11 is now branded in an improved way. You would get much more support for languages and character. The resellers would also get improved branding too.

Difference in cPanel Plugins: cPanel 11 now comes with Ruby on Rails support which is liked by many. The easy installations of the PHP and Perl modules as well as the ruby gems are also liked by many. Here you would also find the PHP Configuration Editor too. In this version the integration of the Operating System is even better than that in cPanel 10. The PHP, Ruby Module Installer and Perl are equally much better than they were during cPanel 10.

Inclusion of apache: This is the biggest difference between the cPanel 10 and cPanel 11. Now in the latest version of cPanel 11 you would get the improved and new version of the Easy Apache installer. You would also get support for both PHP 5 and Apache 2.X.X.

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