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Performing a Employment Background Check for New York

20th April 2011
By JessieMoore in Criminal Law
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Diverse criminal activities are now destroying the lives of many individuals in the society. Television news and daily reports from newspapers contain various types of heinous crimes that are now being committed. The sad truth is that these things are not done by strangers, but by people who are known or even close to the victims. Hence, it pays to be vigilant instead of just being spectators to your own life. For that, New York Criminal Records is the best tool for you.

No doubt, this account holds important information that will help you check on someone’s background. If you feel uncomfortable toward a certain individual, then this will provide full protection for yourself and your loved ones. This certain file contains significant data such as the complete name of the concerned individual and the criminal offenses which are filed against him, if any.

As mandated by the laws of the State, the general public is allowed to view and use anyone’s criminal record as well as their own file. You can even consent your lawyer to gather such document for you as long as a written authentication is presented. For a much easier criminal background check, the government has employed a third-party firm on December 15, 2009. It is known as L-1 Identity Solutions.

The first step that an applicant is required to do is to obtain that downloadable request form at the state’s Criminal Justice website. Once acquired, it must be filled out with necessary details concerning your subject and your contact information. Residents of this particular State should then access the L-1’s site online and set an appointment with the office. On the scheduled date, make sure to bring with you the request form, two forms of ID and the demanded fee, payable through cash, check or credit card.

Those individuals who are not from this State should ask for a card scan application packet at the record review unit. Apart from all the above mentioned requirements, you are also required to have your fingerprints taken. The L-1 Livescan Processing Unit is where all indicated prerequisites and payments should be submitted. Once done, you will then get the results within 7 -10 business days through mail.

It is not advisable for those people who want to obtain search results right there and then to turn to government agencies. This is because it normally takes much of your time following the standard operating procedure. Good thing, everyone can now gather Free Public Criminal Records anytime they want through the Internet. Various online commercial service providers offer reports that will be delivered to you in just a matter of minutes at a very affordable fee.
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