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How a Collaborative Divorce Differs From Mediation and Standard Divorce

22nd June 2011
Collaborative law can supply a speedier choice to traditional divorce and the household law mediation approach. With discussion and problem sharing and solving at the centre of collaborative law, control of a divorce is handed back to a couple, fairly tha...
Author: MarkApplegate

Key Factors In Deciding Custody Cases Best Interests of the Child

15th March 2011
In cases of child custody, the court's decision focuses on the "best interests" of the child. This is an important consideration whether an out-of-court settlement was reached by both parents and their attorneys or a custody decision is made by a family c...
Author: Patti Redmond
Accident claims

Car Accident and Personal Injury Claim Lawyers

01st March 2011
When you are involved in an automobile accident, it is vital that you know how to go about selecting the right attorney who can assist you in making claims against your insurance company. The outcome of your claims will greatly hinge on the type of car ac...
Author: robertbaird12
Personal Injury

Selecting Car Accident Lawyers

01st March 2011
Accidents do happen all the time, but it is highly recommended that when it does happen that you contact car accident attorneys Las Vegas. The choice of an attorney in a car accident case is important as it will determine the outcome of your case. As such...
Author: robertbaird12

Some Important Tips To Choose A Good Medical Malpractice Lawyer

15th February 2011
In numerous US cities like Baltimore and Rossville you will come across a number of medical malpractice lawyers. However, it is important to keep in mind that all are not equally efficient to handle cases properly. Experience is a key factor that you shou...
Author: Kathleen Chester
Immigration Law

Liz Hurley Throws a Googly at Shane Warne

13th January 2011
Hollywood actress and incredibly appealing international star Elizabeth Hurley has been in the news for her relationship woes lately. She has ended her lengthy and well-known marriage to Indian enterprise tycoon Arun Nayar. This reality became public news...
Author: Warren Brown
Personal Injury

Consulting expert injury lawyers in Los Angeles

15th November 2010
An injury or an accident will probably be the first time that most of us will be looking for an injury attorney. Los Angeles, perhaps due to its urban sprawl and the congestion of its population, has more than its fair share of accidents. When it comes to...
Author: adam smith
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy law a life savior in dire circumstances!

03rd November 2010
One always wishes to avoid this dreaded financial status calling for a bankruptcy lawyer Cape Coral or anywhere around Florida. The very thought of filing for the inevitable bankruptcy could raise goose pimples on the skin of all who find themselves facin...
Author: Harperknight
Personal Injury

5 Tips to Find Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Maine

27th October 2010
Have you been a victim of personal injury? You should see a personal injury lawyer as early as possible. Only a professional attorney can evaluate the merits of the case properly and let you know whether you should proceed with the legal proceedings or go...
Author: Marcheseinjury Law
Personal Injury

Who is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

13th September 2010
A personal injury lawyer is an expert in personal injury law or tort law, and provides legal assistance to his clients in claiming compensation from the party liable for the clients personal injury. Personal injury is a legal term used to describe any typ...
Author: Kilian

Dissolution of Marriage for a new lease of life

01st September 2010
Marriages are solemnized in heaven but very few are enjoying the perfect bliss in their marriage. The loving relationship which materialized in wedding sometimes took ugly turn when both party does not have faith in each other. There are numerous reasons ...
Author: dominicbenjamin
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney Fort Worth

10th August 2010
Personal Injury Attorneys - Compensating you for your Injuries Personal injuries are something that cannot be avoided. However, if this injury is due to the negligence of another party and causes you serious harm, you can claim compensation from the pers...
Author: Winston Jenkins
Personal Injury

Free initial consultations with Pennsylvania injury lawyers

09th June 2010
Accidents and injuries are prone to take place in the lives of individuals and therefore people should be aware of the course of law that they can take recourse to in case of such accidents. Accidents and injuries can be of many kinds such as auto and tru...
Author: Ram Chandra

Houston Divorce Attorney Guiding through the Most Difficult Phase of Life

07th May 2010
Divorce is the most emotionally trying situation in anybody life that can shattered even the strongest individual. But sometimes in life it becomes important to start a new life instead of continuing a disastrous and traumatic relationship. A new chapter ...
Author: Article Manager
Personal Injury

Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney: 5 Traits to Look For

05th May 2010
Looking for a personal injury attorney is typically a stressful process simply due to the nature of your claim. If you were not injured, you would not need them in the first place, so you are typically already faced with physical, mental, and financial s...
Author: dru-man
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