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Liz Hurley Throws a Googly at Shane Warne

13th January 2011
By Warren Brown in Immigration Law
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Hollywood actress and incredibly appealing international star Elizabeth Hurley has been in the news for her relationship woes lately. She has ended her lengthy and well-known marriage to Indian enterprise tycoon Arun Nayar. This reality became public news only following pictures of her more than romancing cricket's bad boy Shane Warne surfaced. It is a shame that extra folks in this world can't remain loyal. If it is any consolation to Nayar, Hurley could have had a significantly a lot more profitable Hollywood career.

Hurley's not Sufficient

Items don't appear to appear rosy for Warne and Hurley nonetheless. Rumors are rife that Hurley has dumped the Australian cricketer following discovering him sending racy texts to some other woman whilst in a relationship with Hurley. As far as Shane Warne goes, it looks like a lady as wonderful and nicely recognized as Liz Hurley is also just not enough. While Hurley has moved on, Warne is reportedly devastated with these turn of events.

Warne's Approaches

Shane Warne has fairly a reputation in the planet for being a individual who likes his women even at the price of his life and career. On the other hand, Hurley has been in the public eye for numerous much more factors. Her former movie and now organization career has constantly and now is keeping her in the news, respectively. Now it is her infidelity that is putting her back into the fold. Following her marriage to Arun Nayar, she also became an immigration lawyer's daydream. It was identified that the couple was grossly underpaying their Indian servant. Immigration lawyers identified the young girl was paid at least 4 occasions beneath the average workers wage. An immigration lawyer could have destroyed the couple and possibly might have, just not in the eyes of the public. The matter was settled in a significant out of court settlement.
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