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Who is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

13th September 2010
By Kilian in Personal Injury
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A personal injury lawyer is an expert in personal injury law or tort law, and provides legal assistance to his clients in claiming compensation from the party liable for the clients personal injury. Personal injury is a legal term used to describe any type of bodily injury caused to a person due to an act of negligence, accident or attack by another person. This includes medical negligence, car accidents, defective products injuries and catastrophic injuries. According to the report of the National Safety Council (NSC), motor vehicle accidents between 2001 and 2005 have caused 45, 800 deaths and 2, 699, 000 injuries in the US. The legal system in most countries entitles a victim to claim compensation from the party liable for the injury.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury lawyer helps the aggrieved file a lawsuit in the court of law and provides legal assistance in claiming compensation for their sufferings, pain, damages and medical expenses, caused by the opposite partyís fault.

The process begins with the lawyer interviewing his prospective clients and jotting down the facts and details of the incident. The case is then evaluated from a legal perspective and legal advice is offered to the client. Extensive research is conducted to make the case stronger.

The lawyer also investigates the accident spot carefully and meticulously. Potential witnesses are searched for and the matter discussed with them. Evidence and documents, such as photographs or video footage of the incident, are also collected to support the victimís case.

A personal injury lawyer usually helps his clients secure compensation through out-of-court settlement. However, if the client is not wiling for an out-of-court settlement, the lawyer drafts legal documents pertaining to the case and proceeds with the court trials. The primary responsibility of a lawyer is to seek the maximum compensation for his client and work in his best interests, while also following the norms and ethics of the legal profession.

Typically, a personal injury lawyer charges fee based on factors, such as the complexity of a case, outcome of a case and the time spent on a case. Many lawyers opt for contingency fee system, where they charge a fixed percentage of the awarded compensation. If you too want to find an expert lawyer for your needs, visit The firm Ressler & Ressler boasts 60 years of experience and specializes in complex personal injury cases.

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