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What should I look out for in a shareholder agreement?

18th June 2012
This is indeed a very important question before getting into a shareholder agreement. These days, as the ownership of shares in a company became common, the need for a shareholder agreement has increased. If you are a sole proprietor of a company you d...
Author: Robert Mark

Economic Growth and Income Tax Rates

12th April 2011
Any single-member LLC can also choose to be taxed like a corporation by filing Form 8832. If you haven't filed Form 8832 and told the IRS you want to be taxed like a corporation, then by default you are considered a sole proprietor for tax purposes and sh...
Author: Trevor Beach

Home Office Deduction - How to Prepare Form 8829

23rd February 2011
If you are a Sole Proprietor who wants to take the home office deduction, you must file Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home. The purpose of this article is to help you prepare this form without getting a headache. This article makes three...
Author: Wayne M. Davies

Real Estate Excise Tax or Transfer Tax Considerations

03rd February 2011
Your business activity must be included on a federal tax return. Which return and when it's due will depend on your choice of entity selection. If you are a sole proprietor or a single member LLC, put it on schedule C of your individual tax return (form 1...
Author: Abraham Williams
Business Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Registering Sole Proprietorship

23rd November 2010
Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business structure in Singapore. Singapore citizens or permanent residents; holders of Employment Pass, EntrePass or Dependantís Pass may register a Sole Proprietorship. Foreigner individuals and companies may a...
Author: Shayne
Bankruptcy Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Guide To Sole Proprietorship Registration

19th November 2010
Singapore Sole Proprietor is the simplest type of businessmen who takes full control, authority and responsibility for all his business assets and liabilities. Singapore citizens or permanent residents; holders of Employment Pass, EntrePass or Dependantís...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

Singapore Sole Proprietor: Incorporation Requirements

17th November 2010
Singapore Sole Proprietor is a type of businessmen where he has the full authority and control for all assets and liabilities belonging to the business. Local residents of Singapore, Employment Pass holder, EntrePass holder and Dependantís pass holder can...
Author: Shayne
Business Law

The Simplest Singapore Business Setup

16th November 2010
Having one person to own the whole asset as well as the liabilities and responsibilities of the business is the most ideal setup of a micro and small business operations. With the flexibility and dynamism of having one person to own the company, he can...
Author: zbenriquez
Business Law

Setting Up a Singapore Company

16th November 2010
The International Finance Corporationís Ease of Doing Business 2010 listed Singapore as the leading economy in employing workers and trading across borders. Many years before globalization re-defined trading, Singapore has already displayed its business p...
Author: marissalarrin
Business Law

How To Form A Corporation

15th October 2010
Your company has grown -- now it's time to upgrade your legal structure to something that will protect you and your assets, as well as provide other benefits. In other words, your business is ready to become either a corporation or a limited liability com...
Author: lawinc
Business Law

Legal Business Structures

23rd November 2009
When forming a business, whether big or small, one must have a structure in mind. The structure governs management and shows who is answerable to whom. it also helps the government to determine how much tax the business is supposed to pay. The structure w...
Author: Peter Gitundu