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Immigration Law

What is the purpose of Form-I 90

26th February 2011
The Green card is really a individual possession of an individual that is authorized to dwell in the United States. The evidence of authorized rights to dwell and work inside the US will be the permanent resident card or the green card .The green card has...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Motives Why you'll want to Renew your Green Card

23rd February 2011
A permanent resident may be the one particular who's granted authorization to dwell and work permanently inside the United States. Like a evidence of your permanent resident status the person is provided an identification or an authorization card that's t...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Tips on how to get your Green card renewed?

22nd February 2011
Numerous from the men and women seem to be quite unpleasant with renewing legal paperwork and someday confront issues. So in order to avoid any issue it really is superior to renew all of your legal paperwork like Green card prior to expiry. The Green car...
Author: Howard Barron
Immigration Law

Renew Your Expired Green Card ASAP

09th February 2011
If you ever get a chance of owning a green card, it is very important that you keep it current so that is does not expire. If expired, make sure that you renew it as soon as possible. This is because if you have an expired green card, you are most likely...
Author: Alvin Goodwin

How to check the status of Your Form I-90 Application

07th February 2011
Green Card Renewal is an important matter. Green Card holders (United States permanent residents) with expired Green Cards may be considered "out of status" and may be denied entry into the United States if their green card is out of date. Therefore, it i...
Author: Sean Black

Tax Deferred Investments Discover the Misconceptions

19th January 2011
The reverse 1031 exchange becomes the best answer when an investor has found, and is ready to close on the new property. This all happens while the investor is still trying to sell the old, original property. Another reason to setup a reverse 1031 exchang...
Author: Joesph Mann


13th January 2011
In 2009, the IRS accepted only 11,000 “Offers In Compromise”. That’s less than 1% of the 15 million delinquent taxpayers. So why were these 2009 acceptance rates by the IRS so low on submitted Offers? And why should you be very careful in selecting...
Author: Michael Sherman

Reclaim PPI Premiums

13th January 2011
There are thousands of people who, despite the FSA applying new stringent guidelines with regards, are still being mis sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI.) Chances are you have come across PPI in some form if you have had a loan, mortgage or credit ca...
Author: matthewcollins
Immigration Law

Receiving a Green Card through Relatives

24th November 2010
Getting a Green Card via RelativesReceiving a green card as a result of a relatives is achievable if the American family members member is in a single of three classes. A green card referred to as, also permanent residence, makes it possible for non-nativ...
Author: Jame Mcintosh
Accident claims

Is it just me or are Bicycle Accidents in Denver on the rise?

27th October 2010
Every time the news is on lately, it seems that we hear about another bicycle accident in Denver, often the fault of a drunk driver, or sometimes simply a driver who wasn't paying attention. In more crowded areas such as downtown Denver, pedestrian and bi...
Author: Wayne Hemrick

Tax Debt Help Tips How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt for Less

24th September 2010
The Benefits of Settling Your Tax Debt - The first and obvious benefit of settling your IRS tax debt is saving money. IRS tax debt settlements have the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Secondly, IRS settlements quickly take care of your tax deb...
Author: Rusty Kelly
Immigration Law

Reasons Why you Need to Renew your Green Card

20th September 2010
A permanent resident is the one who is granted authorization to live and work permanently in the United States. As a proof of the permanent resident status the individual is given an identification or an authorization card which is commonly called as Gree...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Online Green card Renewal

13th September 2010
Online Green Card renewal is one of the ways in which you can get your green card renewed. A green card signifies your lawful permanent status in the US. Though your status is permanent your card is valid only for 10 years and has to be renewed regularly....
Author: Paul Anderson

Top 3 Reasons for Fail Background Check

17th August 2010
Finding a job in this economy can be a daunting and difficult task. In a competitive job market employers become more stringent and will disqualify applicants that provide incorrect or incomplete information about themselves over the past 10 years. When e...
Author: Real Background Checks
Criminal Law

Why Extortion Is Regarded as a Serious Crime

05th August 2010
As a judge in Dallas for 10 years, and a criminal defense lawyer of The Wade Law Firm since 2007, Henry Wade has met hundreds of individuals charged with varying crimes, both misdemeanors and criminal felonies. Specializing in white collar criminal def...
Author: Dean Matthews
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