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Child Suffers Permanent Disability When Nurse Overlooked Signs Of Placental Abruption

19th December 2010
Every day pregnant women place themselves and their unborn baby in the care of a physician who will get them through labor and delivery. It might oftentimes take time after the patient is admitted to the hospital until the baby is born. Throughout some\pa...
Author: J. Hernandez

Physician Gets Sued For Malpractice For Abdicating Treatment of Unborn Child In Fetal Distress

24th September 2010
Fetal distress is a label that indicates that an unborn baby is in a compromised situation. A common type of fetal distress develops if the unborn baby’s supply of oxygen is restricted in a way that may endanger the baby’s health. This is called hypoxia, ...
Author: J. Hernandez

$4.5 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Involving Delay In Childbirth After Placental Abruption

23rd September 2010
It is common for expectant mothers to put themselves and their unborn child in the hands of a physician who will help them through childbirth. It may frequently take a fair amount of time after the patient is admitted to the hospital until the newborn is ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyers-Hope for Good

15th September 2010
When you place your trust in those who are providing you with medical treatment you expect skillful, knowledgeable, and appropriate care. Sadly, there are thousands of cases every year when the negligence of a medical professional directly results in the ...
Author: Thomas
Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Claims Infant Sustained Permanent Disability Due To Missed Signs Of Feta

18th June 2010
A planned vaginal childbirth for a pregnant woman who has previously had a C-section ought to consider that this puts the pregnant mother at risk of a ruptured uterus. When this happens the unborn child's precious oxygen , which is generally obtained thro...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

$4,000,000 Settlement Reached Over Error By Doctors And Nurses That Led to Infant's Cerebral Palsy

10th June 2010
The fetal heart rate monitor provides doctors and nurses with valuable information regarding the health of the unborn baby while the mother is in labor. The information from the monitor is used to track whether the baby is doing well or is in fetal distre...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Birth Injuries, Birth Defects, & Michigan Medical Malpractice Claims

26th April 2010
Many types of injuries can occur during pregnancy, labor or after birth. Some of the most common types of birth injuries include cerebral palsy, erb's palsy, and brachial palsy. Birth trauma is an injury to the child during the delivery. Caring for a chil...
Author: LBuckfire
Medical Malpractice

Knowing The Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Lawyer New York

18th March 2010
There are a lot of possible injuries which patients could face in pharmacies, nursing stations and even in hospitals. Patients could be subject to improper intervention done by doctors, nurses and even pharmacists once the special doctor-patient relations...
Author: Ima Johnson
Personal Injury

Recent famous/large TBI and Head Injury cases in Chicago

11th March 2010
Astonishing Chicago Brain Injury CasesFive-Year Old Boy Awarded $35 Million SettlementIn 2004 Andrew Arkebauer, a five-year old boy, was awarded a record $35 million settlement due to a brain injury case against an anesthesiologist at Northwestern Memoria...
Author: tomomalley25

Wrongful Death due to Medical Malpractice

05th June 2009
Every year, over 90,000 wrongful deaths are caused by medical negligence or medical malpractice. Thousands of wrongful death through medical practice happens in Los Angeles. This number is staggering and it provides a glimpse on the current incidence ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group