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Family Law

Why couples sought Separation Agreement then divorce in Ireland?

27th June 2012
In marital breakdown, the husband and wife have to make the most serious decisions for themselves and their children at a time when they are most unable to do so. The number of divorced people in Ireland has doubled in the last 10 years and the fig...
Author: Clark_Taylor

What is a separation agreement?

17th April 2012
Married couples and civil partners have a legal right to enter into separation agreement without involving the court rulings. It is a legal agreement that specifies the rights and duties of the both parties. Separation agreement preserves the matrimonial...
Author: John Adam

How Separation agreement helps with involving the court?

26th March 2012
Breakdown of the marriage Separation is an alternative way to protect and maintain the matrimonial relations. Divorce terminates the matrimonial relations. Separation does not breakdown the marriage. Separation must be considered before demanding and app...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Divorce And Bankruptcy - How Does One Affect The Other?

21st March 2012
In the current economic environment, many people are considering bankruptcy as a way to manage overwhelming debt. With the stress of financial difficulties straining relationships, more couples are also getting divorced. Before filing for bankruptcy and d...
Author: GarrettLawGroup

Separating Informally

18th April 2011
If you and your partner are married, you can separate by an informal arrangement. You will need to inform some or all of the people listed under heading Who to inform when your marriage ends. However, any informal arrangement made when you separate may...
Author: Herry Taylor

The Joy of An Ex - Collaborative Practice

16th March 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Collaborative Practice is a positive choice for couples facing the transition of separation and divorce who wish to maintain respect for each other and as much dignity as possible throughout the process. The process ...
Author: Jackie Rahmler
Family Law

An Attorney's Guide To Divorce-Related Tax Issues

22nd February 2011
There may be no glory in being a family law attorney these days, especially when it comes to dealing with the often challenging economic consequences in a divorce action. Clients may initially contact you with one issue related to their potential divor...
Author: Mark S. Gottlieb, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CBA, DABFA, MS

Contested & Uncontested Divorce

16th August 2010
A divorce is undoubtedly a traumatic experience for both the parties involved. It is not only the end of a relationship between a couple but also their family in most of the cases. When a divorce takes place many crucial decisions are needed to be taken b...
Author: michael23

Mediation Tampa - Essential Divorce Mediation Services

15th June 2010
Divorce is not the only option in case of problems in your marriage. Sometimes the resolution of your wedding is the only option. However, if there is a possibility, even if the Council, it could look at other ways of a divorce, take a break at work the...
Author: timothydiv

Your First Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

25th March 2010
An initial meeting with a divorce attorney in Fresno can be filled with emotion. You may ask yourself, Is this meeting the beginning of the end? Or, Am I dedicated to working with this lawyer because we are having this meeting? The answer to each quest...
Author: Vivian Mayer

Toronto Divorce Process: Advice in Taking on a Lawyer

22nd February 2010
Choosing a divorce lawyer in large metropolitan centers such as Toronto can be very challenging due to the large quantity of divorce lawyers operating in these districts in Ontario. Skilled divorce lawyers can help you in the course of a very tense time i...
Author: Lawrence Ocampo

New York Divorce Law

23rd December 2009
What are the grounds for divorce in New York? If you are a resident of the state of New York, four of the grounds in New York divorce law are based on "fault" of one of the parties. They are: 1) cruel and inhuman treatment; 2) abandonment for one or m...
Author: Josh D. Simon

Divorce Planning

22nd December 2009
Our modern culture reminds us to speak calmly and clearly, and limit revealing our emotions. In some circumstances, this approach results in an undercurrent of categorizing a person who reacts loudly and with intense emotion to a situation as a hysteric, ...
Author: Cory Aidenman

Divorce Tactics: How Do You Survive A Divorce

13th November 2009
Our modern culture reminds us to use calm voices, speak clDivorce Tactics Our modern culture reminds us to use calm voices, speak clearly, and limit revealing our emotions. In some circumstances, this approach results in a sneaky undercurrent of categ...
Author: Cory Aidenman

Using Seperation Agreements

05th March 2006
In these days of divorces, so many people would love to keep their marriage together forever. However, when marriages begin to fall apart, divorces can often be messy. There is a way to make a divorce easier to work with, and that is with a separation agr...
Author: Amanda Baker