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Contested & Uncontested Divorce

16th August 2010
By michael23 in Divorce
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A divorce is undoubtedly a traumatic experience for both the parties involved. It is not only the end of a relationship between a couple but also their family in most of the cases. When a divorce takes place many crucial decisions are needed to be taken by the spouses. These decisions have direct and indirect impacts on their lives. A divorce definitely affects the security and future well-being of both the spouses and there are certain issues to be dealt with such as marital property distribution, child custody, child support, spousal support and many more.

Contested Divorce

In most of the cases both the spouses negotiate to come to a term. However in many cases the spouses are unable to make mutual decisions. These kinds of divorces are considered to be contested divorce as the spouses are unable to agree on certain issues elating to their divorce. In such cases divorce attorneys need to intervene to fix the issues.

In a contested divorce the spouses usually have conflicting terms concerning marital property, separation agreement, child custody, spousal support, child support etc. It is quite difficult to handle these issues since they directly affect the husband's as well as the wife's way of life.

Contested divorce can be time consuming. In fact the spouses should be ready to bear a good deal of money. Contested divorces are always distressing for both the parties involved. Spouses are certainly upset when they need to look after their economic well being alone.

Uncontested Divorce

On the other hand uncontested divorces are relatively easier to deal with. In such divorces spouses themselves are able to settle issues reaching an agreement. They don't need the court to intervene. A divorce attorney can help the spouses to get divorce smoothly. An uncontested divorce is only possible if the husband and wife agree on certain issues like spousal support, marital property distribution, child custody and child support.

In most cases uncontested divorces are simple and efficient as well. It doesn't involve any complicacies. Uncontested divorce can save the spouses time and money. Since they come to a mutual agreement there is less chance of frustration, anger and misinterpretation.

Ground for divorce in Long Island

Before anybody files for a divorce in Long Island that person needs to prove that there are legitimate grounds for the divorce. If you seek divorce you need to prove at least one of the following grounds.

o Divorce on the ground of inhuman or cruel treatment of the spouse
o Your spouse spent more than three years of jail time
o Your spouse committed adultery
o Your spouse abandoned you for a period of more than one year

How a divorce lawyer can help?

Whether it is a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce consulting a Long Island divorce attorney can be of much help. Long island divorce law is quite complicated to deal with. If both the spouses have their own attorneys they will be assured that their rights are protected.
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