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Cory Aidenman
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How to survive your parents’ divorce

03rd December 2009
All over the world people fall in love and, supposedly, at that time when they are least responsible for their actions, they decide to get married and make a life-long commitment. When reality bites, daily struggles arrive, work issues, children issues, d...

How to Financially Survive a Divorce: Important Steps to Take to Survive the Financial Stress of Di

13th November 2009
It is very important to learn how to financially survive a divorce. You have to accept the fact that you will become poorer after the divorce. If you are the primary income earner of the family, then you will have to face child support or alimony and a ...

Divorce Tactics: How Do You Survive A Divorce

13th November 2009
Our modern culture reminds us to use calm voices, speak clDivorce Tactics Our modern culture reminds us to use calm voices, speak clearly, and limit revealing our emotions. In some circumstances, this approach results in a sneaky undercurrent of categ...