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First Time DUI in California

09th February 2012
Within the state of California, once you have been faced with DUI, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is a serious charge that can have a very lasting impact on your life. You need to consult a DUI lawyer as early as you can after your...
Author: Autumn

The Seriousness Of Recurring DUI Offenses In California

06th February 2012
Like most other states in the United States of America, California has begun to adopt a firm stance when it comes to repeat DUI offenders. If you have found yourself being charged with DUI for a second or third time in California, hiring a competent DUI a...
Author: Autumn

DUI Defendant's Facts On Field Sobriety Tests

02nd February 2012
Are you currently facing a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol? If you are, then you most probably were required to undergo one or two field sobriety tests so that the arresting officer could decide if you were high or drunk. A...
Author: Autumn

A DUI Attorney Can Help You

26th January 2012
A DUI attorney can help you. If you're the subject of a DUI proceeding, then you should think of hiring a lawyer. Many benefits can be realized when you engage the services of a qualified professional. You are probably facing jail and hefty fines if you'r...
Author: mariocora

Driving Under The Influence Of Narcotics

22nd September 2011
Driving a vehicle while taking illegal or legal prescription drugs can get you arrested. It is important to note that even medication legally prescribed by a doctor can get you into trouble with the law if you drive while taking the substance if an office...
Author: Stewart Wrighter

DUI Lawyer Los Angeles And DUI Attorney Los Angeles

09th August 2011
When I hear a phrase like: Los Angeles Sheriff, it stops me cold. If you hear: DUI Drunk Driving and you feel cold, then read on. You want a DUI Attorney Los Angeles who is experienced and knowledgeable in Los Angeles, California DUI cases. You want a ...
Author: WendellDemont

DUI Conviction—How to Tell Family and Friends

09th August 2011
If you’ve gotten a DUI conviction then you already know how difficult it is to discuss. It can feel embarrassing and shameful, but there are ways to have an open, honest conversation about the issue. There are significant consequences for people who d...
Author: Walker J. Thornton
Personal Injury

Finding Peace With a Personalized Injuries Attorney

30th June 2011
If you have been failure to disclose this info may outcome in a denial simply because your attorney did not arranged the ideal waivers.If you consider that your Miami attorney is not eager to emphasis in all individuals and not behaving professionally you...
Author: Laverne Wilkinson
Personal Injury

Legal aide to get away lightly from DUI charge

03rd February 2011
DUI or Driving Under Influence is also known as DWI or Driving While Intoxicated in some states of the USA. This offense falls under the jurisdiction of the State Legislation and State Judiciary. As a result, punishment varies from state to state across t...
Author: Jorjina

What Happens If You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Kansas?

31st January 2011
As an experienced Kansas City DUI attorney, Steve Schanker explains that refusing to take a breathalyzer test in Kansas can come with some serious repercussions. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re being asked to take one, think twice...
Author: Giuseppe Grammatico

What Should I do If I'm Pulled Over Or Arrested For DUI?

20th January 2011
For many people, a DUI is their first arrest and criminal charge. A DUI can result in serious consequences, including jail time, fines, surcharges, community service, and a lack of driving privileges. In addition, people with DUI convictions on the record...
Author: mmgarza
Criminal Law

Tips of hiring DUI Attorney Phoenix

10th November 2010
When looking for representation in a DUI case, the type of Attorney you hire may be the key factor to what happens in your case. There are some DUI cases that can result in jail time. The type of attorney you hire to defend you means jail or no jail in so...
Author: Tikee Pittman

What DUI Attorney Expert Opinion on Drunk Driving Cases

28th September 2010
Many of have made wrong impression to think that drunk driving is the same as minor traffic infractions. Unluckily, minor traffics infraction is not the case for drunk driving cases. Traffic offenses in many cases are considered as civil violations and th...
Author: Abdul
Criminal Law

What Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney before Your DUI Trial

01st September 2010
You have been charged with DUI (Driving under Influence) in Colorado and worried about how to select a defense attorney, yes it’s a serious issue and any wrong step can make your life miserable. DUI is a serious charge and one must fight it but the select...
Author: amilli

DUI Charges Carry Very Stiff Penalties

03rd December 2009
It is an intimidating sight to see those flashing blue lights in one's rear view mirror for a minor traffic offense. Seeing those lights for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge is a terrifying experience. A DUI arrest carries severe penalties and m...
Author: Nick Messe
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