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What Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney before Your DUI Trial

01st September 2010
By amilli in Criminal Law
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You have been charged with DUI (Driving under Influence) in Colorado and worried about how to select a defense attorney, yes its a serious issue and any wrong step can make your life miserable. DUI is a serious charge and one must fight it but the selection or appointment of an attorney is another important matter how to select and whom to select and which attorney will serve your purpose. You may have many options like Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney, Colorado Criminal Lawyer and Colorado DUI Lawyer. How and whom to select its up to you. Take a look

Ask the following questions to a Colorado criminal defense attorney before your DUI trial which will help you a lot in the process of selecting a right Colorado DUI Lawyer for your case even this questions also help you in selecting Colorado Criminal Lawyer.

The first and foremost question is how long have you been practicing in Colorado? This question will help you to understand his experiences as a lawyer.

Second question related to DUI, what is your experience with DUI? By this specific question, youll be able to know his expertise in this particular field.

Third important question, who will handle my case? Its you or someone else? This is because, you dont know the person with whom you are talking he himself may not be a lawyer. It may be possible he is not experienced as well; therefore before your trial you must clear all these things.

Fourth question, what is your experience in jury trails that you have argued? The more he argued, the more time he spent in the court room will lead towards your success.

Fifth question, about fee structure or legal costs, this is necessary because after the case when you will see your final bill you should not shocked.

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