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Tips of hiring DUI Attorney Phoenix

10th November 2010
By Tikee Pittman in Criminal Law
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When looking for representation in a DUI case, the type of Attorney you hire may be the key factor to what happens in your case. There are some DUI cases that can result in jail time. The type of attorney you hire to defend you means jail or no jail in some cases. With that said here are some key aspects to look for in a DUI Attorney.
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The first tip is to make sure the attorney you contact deals with DUI cases. This seems very simple, but there are so many types of lawyers who handle different types of cases. You need to make sure DUI law is something they specialize in. Secondly, make sure the Attorney you contact can practice in the area you live in. Third is to make sure the Dui lawyer is up on DUI laws. Laws change and are different from one area to the next. The attorney you hire has to be up on the information they will need to defend your case. Although ordinary people who have not study law and may not know all the rules and regulations that are out today. It is up to the person who needs representation to quiz the attorney they are hiring. Next thing I would want to know if I was looking to hire representation is the attorney case wins. Ask them, have they won cases like the one you are bringing to them. Then inquire about the fee for the service they are going to offer.

Be comfortable with the representation you have chosen to defend your case. DUIís can become are criminal charges. Depending on how serve the charge; jail time could be the outcome. I would want someone who I was comfortable with representing me in the court of law.
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