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Business Law

It is not that difficult for business setup in Singapore

22nd March 2011
Singapore happens to be one of the most important centers for any sort of business; companies from different parts of the world have set up their offices in Singapore due to various reasons. Singapore has become so special for different sorts of business ...
Author: Jay Mantarvadi

Tax avoidance or Tax planning?

16th March 2011
Anyone that wishes to set up a business in Cyprus must first of all decide the business vehicle he will use. There are plenty of options which are : sole proprietorship, partnership, branch and private limited company. The latter is the most commonly use...
Author: Chris
Business Law

Set Up a Company in UK

11th March 2011
Did you know that UK sees more than 350,000 new company registrations every year? This tiny island also has more than 2.5 million registered companies. Clearly, there are many reasons that contribute to the great popularity of the UK as a business locatio...
Author: Ingress
Business Law

Useful Tips For Singapore Company Formation

04th January 2011
Singapore is globally known to be one of Asia's greatest business capital with the best business environment in Asia this past few years. Small and big time businessmen are always welcome in Singapore even if the country is not that big. If you are planni...
Author: asiabiz
Business Law

Singapore Company Registration Requirements

31st December 2010
It is important that entrepreneurs who are planning to register a company in Singapore are knowledgeable enough on what things are much needed for the registration. A knowledge in basic requirements will make a big impact in making the process very fast t...
Author: rikvinshore
Business Law

Advantages of Forming a Singapore Company

26th November 2010
The most convincing part of doing business in Singapore is the corporate taxation where start up companies are to pay Zero tax on the first S$100,000 of chargeable income for the first three consecutive years. In addition, a 50% exemption is given on the ...
Author: ashley123
Business Law

Formation of a limited company online…

26th November 2010
Process of incorporating a business is nothing but a ‘Company Formation’, and it is also referred as ‘Company Registration’ sometimes. Under the company law enacted, the company has a separate legal entity to the people who own or operate it. Today eve...
Author: YLC
Bankruptcy Law

Forming a Singapore Business Registration Requirements

24th November 2010
The extent of business opportunities and tax benefits outlined for both local and foreign individuals is matched with detailed and accurate Singapore business registration requirements. This means that whoever wishes to start and establish a business in S...
Author: zbenriquez
Business Law

Corporate Law, Corporate Constitution And Corporate Litigation

13th April 2010
Corporate law is the set of regulations instigated for the corporate world. The word corporation is synonymous with publicly owned large companies. In US, a company is equivalent to a firm or business, irrespective of whether or not it is a separate legal...
Author: Robert Bell
Business Law

UK Limited Company - Benefits

07th April 2010
Having your very own UK Limited company can provide one with considerable advantages as compared with being a sole trader.For one thing it does give consumers the feeling thst s Limited company is a more substantial undertaking than just a one man band.Ho...
Author: UK Tax Refunds