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It is not that difficult for business setup in Singapore

22nd March 2011
By Jay Mantarvadi in Business Law
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Singapore happens to be one of the most important centers for any sort of business; companies from different parts of the world have set up their offices in Singapore due to various reasons. Singapore has become so special for different sorts of business because of the country’s established economy, favorable corporate taxes, business environment, government policies etc. Nowadays, almost every well known entrepreneur of any renowned company aims to set up their business in Singapore, for betterment of the company. However, it is quite difficult for any company of any country to set up their business in any other country. The entrepreneurs have to go through several processes and maintain numerous rules to set up their company. But, Singapore has proved to be something different for the company entrepreneurs; the favorable environment and government policies have made it easier for the companies to setup company in Singapore. Some of the most important factors for Singapore company incorporation are favorable corporate tax; the new businesses have to pay very little amount of tax or sometimes no tax up to a certain limit of investment. There are several such reasons which has attracted the outsider companies to set up their business in Singapore.

However, there are several requirements which the outsider companies should meet, to fulfill their dream of setting up their business in Singapore. Some of the most important requirements are,

1. Firstly, the company should have at least 1 shareholder, 1 Resident director and 1 Company secretary. If you are willing to setup company in Singapore, you must meet these requirements.

2. The minimum amount of paid-up share capital should be $1. This is not at all a difficult requirement to meet up. Any company can show this detail to the Singapore government.

3. The company which you are going to setup in Singapore must have a registered office address in Singapore. This is very important; otherwise you may not get the authority to take any step.

4. Your company name should be approved by ACRA before incorporating the business. This is not a difficult job for the old companies.

Each of these criteria is very important if you want to setup company in Singapore. You should follow each of the necessary steps to reach your goal. Although the steps are not that difficult or time taking, but there are numerous procedures which needs to be followed. However, as we all know setting up a company in any country is quite difficult; you have to get hold of any trustworthy local company of that area to reach your goal. In Singapore, you can find several such companies, which can help you in each and every step. It is best if you get the assistance of any incorporation specialist in Singapore. One of the easiest way to incorporate your business in Singapore is to appoint any experienced localite as the director of your Singapore branch. This will help you to get the incorporation services easily. Most companies nowadays are trying their luck by setting up their business in Singapore.

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