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Immigration Law

Think Before Renouncing Your US Citizenship

10th August 2011
Section 349(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) governs the ability of a US citizen to renounce his/her US citizenship. A person wishing to renounce his/her US Citizenship should do so voluntarily and with intent to relinquish US citizen...
Author: Paul Anderson

Effects of Renouncing American Citizenship

09th August 2011
It is a known fact that one can become a citizen of the US by birth or through Naturalization. Getting citizenship through US citizen parents are also possible depending on satisfying certain requirements. If you qualify on your own eligibility, you have ...
Author: kevin
Immigration Law

Is it Possible to Modify my Legal Standing?

23rd March 2011
Adjustment of Status refers to the procedure by means of which a non-immigrant (that is previously in U.s.) gets to be a permanent resident. The person might apply for adjustment of status without needing to go away the country and apply from his or her r...
Author: Alex Bastian
Immigration Law

US Embassy Visa interview for Fiancee Visa

21st March 2011
Whilst there are several the areas of the fiancee visa or fiancee visa application or fiancee visa procedure, the focus of this informative article is around the interview at the US Embassy since it will be the most essential aspect of the fiancee visa me...
Author: Nelson Peltz
Immigration Law

How you can get my Family members a green card

07th March 2011
Green Card holders (Permanent Residents) have been approved to dwell and work permanently within the US. Family primarily based immigration is an immigrant visa classification exactly where it enables a person to become a permanent resident via a househol...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Tourist Visa to the US

23rd February 2011
Visitors arriving inside the US must have a valid tourist visa. Unless your country participates inside the visa waiver system (VWP) wherein you'll be able to arrive within the US for 90 days or less without having applying for a visa in advance. The tour...
Author: Al Kola
Immigration Law

Student Visas For the US- Get Yours

26th January 2011
Studying in the US is the dream of every ambitious student .But owing to multiple factors, many students, deserving or otherwise, are denied visa by the US government for the sake. In this article, effort shall be made to elaborate the visa process, and t...
Author: Roger Stepanek
Immigration Law

Is Tourist Visa Available For Foreign Fiancee?

25th January 2011
Many American Citizens assume that a tourist visa would be available for their foreign fiancee to travel to the USA. This is incorrect. When the foreign fiancee appears at the US Embassy for a tourist visa interview, the counselor officer will deny the vi...
Author: Brian
Immigration Law

How to Get a Green Card

23rd November 2010
Permanent Residents have already been authorized to reside and work permanently in the US. Family based immigration is an immigrant visa classification where it allows an individual to become a permanent resident by way of a family member who's a citizen ...
Author: Federico Gould
Immigration Law

How to check the status of a US visa Petition?

16th August 2010
A foreign citizen who seeks to enter United States, must possess a Visa. A Visa is a travel document which gives an individual permission to travel to a specific country and stay there for the specific period of time. The Visa will be placed in the passp...
Author: Samuel Beckett
Immigration Law

How to get my Family a green card

05th August 2010
Green Card holders (Permanent Residents) have been authorized to live and work permanently in the US. Family based immigration is an immigrant visa classification where it allows an individual to become a permanent resident through a family member who is...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

How Can I Pay US Visa Fee Through Online

15th July 2010
Most of the people around the world are interested to migrate or for study purpose, they are visiting USA and so on. Both immigrant and non immigrant visas are available to qualified applicants at the US embassy in this country. These consulates in diff...
Author: camronvisa
Immigration Law

Fiancee Visa Interview with the Consular Officer

29th June 2010
Navigating the US Immigration system is a daunting and complex task. This article provides a basic framework for the US citizen petitioner and his foreign fiancee to prepare for the final stage of the Fiance Visa K1 interview. The fiance visa interview p...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Immigration Law

US Consulate and Attorney Representation for your Visa Appointment

28th June 2010
Generally, an American attorney may represent clients when the clients are in the United States and a Representation Notice on a G-28 Form is properly executed. This is generally true whether the client is entitled to representation or pays an attorney a...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Immigration Law

Affidavit of Support: the I-134 and the I-864

25th May 2010
This article reviews the differences and similarities that exist with regard to the I-134 and the I-864 affidavits of support. These affidavits are commonly filed in connection with a pending visa application at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad. In the...
Author: US Visa Lawyer
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