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US Embassy Visa interview for Fiancee Visa

21st March 2011
By Nelson Peltz in Immigration Law
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Whilst there are several the areas of the fiancee visa or fiancee visa application or fiancee visa procedure, the focus of this informative article is around the interview at the US Embassy since it will be the most essential aspect of the fiancee visa method.

Our agency operates in Thailand and we are Thailand's biggest and oldest US Immigration Legislation Agency who does fiancee visa. That is why; I'm only certified to speak concerning the immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok. While similarities may well exist in between embassies, neither you nor I ought to presume this.

First, I'll commence by telling you the fiancee visa interview and fiancee visa document needs are changeable from month to month and 12 months to year, and much more especially from counselor officer to counselor officer.

The counselor officer could be the most crucial and influencing aspect within the fiancee visa interview. The officer is their own boss and has the sole discretion to approve or deny the fiancee visa application. With this in brain I'll commence by giving you a really feel for your officers most lately posted in the American Embassy in Bangkok, going again just three years.

Counselor officers typically rotate out about the moment a year, but this varies significantly. Within the immigrant visa area there is certainly just one officer assigned at a time for you to deal with all interviews. Up to 25 interviews daily. Inside the last year along with a 50 percent there have been three officers. Two worked approximately seven months every as well as the 3rd took the place on June 15th of this 12 months. Before the previous three officers one particular officer remained in the place for a period of time of 1 years. The truth that this officer remained lengthier than typical was helpful to all. He knew his career inside of out, upside down, backwards and sideways. He was professional, polite, pleasant and beneficial. He understood one particular crucial and fundamental thing that almost all other officers really don't understand (nevertheless it really is starting to be more and much more apparent the current counselor officer understands this too) and that's: that 99.9% of Thai women appearing for a fiancee visa interview do not use American males to circumvent the US immigration legal guidelines to acquire entry into America.

Although women from other nations might far more frequently try to use American guys to circumvent the immigration laws to enter the USA, Thai women enjoy Thailand, the culture, their households, pals, Thai meals, Thai Tv, as well as the King. The vast majority would in no way dream of leaving Thailand if they did not have a more powerful love for his or her American fiancee or husband.

Second, the counselor officer requirements to find out (to their satisfaction) which you as well as your fiancee or husband possess a genuine connection. Which you didn't artificially generate a connection with an American citizen as being a approach to obtain entry into your USA. Properly introduced, the evidence you provide the counselor officer to prove a genuine partnership requirements to become very significant and convincing.
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