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Business Law

Starting out your Business in Singapore

24th August 2011
So you want to start out a business in Singapore? That is a very wise choice indeed. Singapore has been known for their diverse and well-developed economical structure. Every year, Singapore has been seen with an increasing economy in terms of GDP and PPP...
Author: jaydenchu
Real Estate Law

How to Buy a Foreclosure

13th June 2011
First off, today is a very different market than it was in 2004. Back then, you qualified to help someone buy a home if you had a real estate license and a pulse. Those same part-time Realtors are still out there, but they're even more destructive now tha...
Author: Homeencounter
Immigration Law

American Consulate Documents for U.S Visa in Vietnam

10th March 2011
The US Consulate and US Embassy in Vietnam demand selected legal documents to become submitted for immigration visas for immigrant and non-immigrants. Acquiring legal paperwork in Vietnam is complicated but is acceptable for immigration functions if it re...
Author: Charley Wilkins

The Payroll Tax Rip Off

07th March 2011
I noticed a trend about 20 years ago. The trend went from undeclared cash payroll to employees being declared on the business books. It started with automotive businesses and then moved into restaurants. It now can be found in many industries. The constr...
Author: Willard Michlin

Car Donation Tax Deduction - Advice And Benefits

16th February 2011
Your car donation tax deduction is going to be the same no matter which state you live in. But the way in which your state verifies worthy charities is unique. But it's also important to realize that each state has fraudulent car donation charities (or ...
Author: DonateCar101
Immigration Law

St Kitts And Nevis Economic Citizenship Programs

24th November 2010
A number of independent nations have adopted citizenship programs that make it possible for people of high worth to acquire citizenship provided they make a direct contribution to the state, which will, in turn help the development of the country. St Kitt...
Author: Aliceshown
Real Estate Law

Investment hypothesis

15th September 2010
Investors usually have a basic premise for making a particular investment. O’Connor and Associates terms this concept the “investment hypothesis”. Evaluating the accuracy of the investment hypothesis early in the acquisition process allows the investor to...
Author: Patrick O Connor

Tax Lien Investing: Can You Get Double Digit Returns Without Doing Any Work?

18th August 2010
Tax lien investing is a great way to save for the future; it’s a very good alternative to investing in mutual funds. With tax liens, you don’t have to worry about the volatility in the market. The stock market or real estate market can go up or down, but ...
Author: Tax Lien Lady
Immigration Law

Fiancee Visa Interview with the Consular Officer

29th June 2010
Navigating the US Immigration system is a daunting and complex task. This article provides a basic framework for the US citizen petitioner and his foreign fiancee to prepare for the final stage of the Fiance Visa K1 interview. The fiance visa interview p...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Criminal Law

How To Conduct a Thorough and Complete Criminal Background Check

29th April 2010
WHY CONDUCT A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK? Prospective employers, landlords and business people ask this question when considering an individual for employment, property rental, or as a business associate. Follow through with a criminal records check to ...
Author: InvPros
Criminal Law

Criminal Record Database The Criminal Record Reports Key

27th April 2010
The key to complete and accurate criminal record reports centers on the criminal record database provider scan. Seems like a common sense problem solution, right? Yet there are a surprising number of online criminal record check products on the web, and p...
Author: James Stedes
Real Estate Law

Why do I Need Tenant Forms ?

01st April 2010
A question that is asked by many new or would be land lords. If you are considering jumping into real estate as an investment welcome aboard. Real estate presents many wonderful benefits but like any good thing there are also some consequences involved in...
Author: James Kahn
Commercial Law


18th March 2010
The commercial investigations spread over an extensive variety of investigations. These investigations follow a business to business theme. The Commercial specialists employ in a general scale of services which consist of the following• Intellectual ...
Author: Private Detective

Tax Liens, Tax Deeds, and Tax Deed Overages

17th February 2010
There are many differing ways to turn a profit by investing in the USA property tax system, and four immediately come to mind. Tax lien sales. Tax deed sales. Front running tax deed sales. Overages from a tax deed sale. As a prospective investor,...
Author: Harry A Connor Jr

Liabilities of Taxi Operators and Drivers

05th January 2010
Taxi operators and drivers have a legal obligation to provide safety for their passengers and to practice due diligence to prevent traffic accidents. Taxi Operators' Liabilities as an Employer In general, most private employers are liable for the in...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
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