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American Consulate Documents for U.S Visa in Vietnam

10th March 2011
By Charley Wilkins in Immigration Law
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The US Consulate and US Embassy in Vietnam demand selected legal documents to become submitted for immigration visas for immigrant and non-immigrants. Acquiring legal paperwork in Vietnam is complicated but is acceptable for immigration functions if it really is appropriately licensed and legal.
Several legal paperwork required for submission towards the US Embassy for non-immigrant and immigrant visas are unavailable given that Vietnam will not have a central recorded database. Additionally, a lot of previous documents happen to be lost within the war or on account of inconsistent document keeping. In light of this, required paperwork for US visas are typically fabricated and are not verified for authenticity, leaving it open to false identities and fraudulent paperwork.

Immigration paperwork these kinds of like a valid marriage certificate, family registration, or birth certificate could be extracted if the authentic was initially registered at that workplace. Administrative costs for this service is reasonable in the event the requesting social gathering has in depth information and a local Vietnamese resident to create the request in person. Requests from abroad requires a energy of lawyer or even a relative and months of processing to finish.

For your US Embassy visa specifications, authentic legal paperwork such as the marriage certificate, registration, divorce decree, death certificate, and legalization are required to become introduced on the US Consulate for the consular officer to examine although only a licensed duplicate is required to be submitted. Normally originals are returned to the visa applicant after the consular officer examine no matter whether the translation is full and conduct a due diligence from the information inside the documents.

As for data of divorce and death, the Vietnamese courts maintain the certificate of divorce where they were were initially issued. A certificate of death is maintained at the neighborhood district office and much like the certificate of divorce, the office that issued it will be in a position to provide a certified duplicate. Bear in mind that the US Embassy requests these paperwork to determine the person's eligibility for the visa to America and also to establish the person's identity.

For US immigration functions, documents submitted must be verified from the issuing authority, unless they are independently verified by a US official in Vietnam. Nevertheless, most issuing officials do not verify the information around the paperwork and purely depending on the reporting events statement. In some cases once the US confirm the accuracy of these documents have routinely uncovered proof of misinformation or fraud.

Maybe one of the most commonly requested document from the US Embassy for immigration functions may be the household registries. The family registry lists the identify from the particular person in that district and it does not imply that a couple residing collectively is husband/wife or blood relation or otherwise, but purely states that this family has these individuals listed. The Public Security Bureau preserve this document. Again, this information is not verified however it is routinely requested to establish one's residence and final deal with. For US immigration functions, it is secondary proof to determine blood relation and identity.

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