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Private Detective
Member Since: 03rd March 2009
Occupation: Investigation
No of Articles: 5
About Me: Jay Barker started working background investigations in the late 70’s. He currently runs an international detective network and operates a detective agency. He consults for both business and individuals and works with private detectives throughout the world.
Internet Law

Internet Fraud

31st March 2010
Internet fraud has become popular these days, the main reason being it is on the rise and it is simply a new outlet for scammers. This scamming is either done by a person or by mail. The more technology we get the more options of scamming a scammer has th...
Criminal Law

Litigation Support

31st March 2010
When devising a legal strategy, attorneys must have a complete understanding of the facts of the case. Often key pieces of data are missing that may prevent counsel from providing fully informed legal advice to their clients. Professional investigators ...
Commercial Law


18th March 2010
The commercial investigations spread over an extensive variety of investigations. These investigations follow a business to business theme. The Commercial specialists employ in a general scale of services which consist of the following• Intellectual ...
Commercial Law


18th March 2010
Civil investigations serve different types of cases in litigation. For example; divorces, product liability cases, cases of abuse, custody cases, and insurance claims investigation related cases, they also include work comp, pre-marital cases personal inj...
Family Law

Child Retrieval

18th March 2010
Is your child missing? Did the other parent of your child take him away from you? This is a common problem faced by many parents these days. If this is the case, you need to take help from an investigator. An investigator is the right person you should go...