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Real Estate Law

Tenants Rights Tips in New York City – an Interview with Jay Dankberg

01st November 2012
While much of the country is still reeling from the housing crisis, in other parts, especially in major cities like New York and San Francisco, the housing market remains extremely tight. This high demand for housing creates competition, and wherever ther...
Author: sashalevin
Business Law

For a comfortable London stay try serviced apartments

26th March 2012
You will find wealth of properties that are available for rental working in London anytime. It is mainly due to the reason why the agents of Short stay serviced apartments London have grown to be an important chain between your landlord and also the tenan...
Author: chelseacloisters

Exclusive Use Provisions in Commercial Leases

27th January 2012
Tenants entering into commercial leases for retail shopping centers often request an exclusive use clause. An exclusive use provision is intended to protect a tenant from competitors who sell the same goods (i.e., no other bakeries in the shopping center...
Author: Laine T Wagenseller
Business Law

Commencing a New Enterprise - A Guide to Obtaining Workplace Space

18th October 2011
Planning to rent an workplace space for your new business? Obtaining troubles discovering an cost-effective nevertheless high quality company area to lease? If so, you are between the thousands of business owners who failed to get an affordable office spa...
Author: WilmerPadilla

Rent Reviews - How The Process Works

27th September 2011
Within a lease for commercial premises, it is more than likely terms and conditions for rent reviews will be included. This permits a landlord to assess the sum of rent paid at regular intervals, often after every three or five years. While they are inten...
Author: Richard Godden
Real Estate Law

What is the definition of leasehold in the residential flat sector?

19th July 2011
Considerable confusion is evident amongst flat owners in England and Wales (the law in Scotland is a little different) concerning the definite meaning of leasehold whilst referring to their apartment or flat. You might see flats advertised sometimes as ha...
Author: Leasehold Advice
Business Law

Excellent Air Duct Cleaning: Its Meaning

12th May 2011
Despite the fact that several research content are likely to differ around the precise quantity, it hovers around one billion per cubic meter. I am talking about the number of bacteria as well as other infinitesimal organism which exist within the air aro...
Author: Ella Raj
Real Estate Law

What happens if lessees can not find the freeholder?

03rd May 2011
If one owns a leasehold residential apartment in England or Wales one may well want to contact your freeholder (referred to as a ‘landlord’ legally) for a whole variety of reasons. Possibly lessees would like to extend the period of your lease, maybe less...
Author: Leasehold Advice
Real Estate Law

Getting your Deposit Refunded

22nd November 2010
Ask what you have to do to have your deposit refunded. One of the most common disputes between residents and apartment owners is that the deposits are not returned. Residents believe they met the terms of the lease and are frustrated and angry when the de...
Author: Patrick O Connor
Bankruptcy Law

Renting an Apartment After Filing Bankruptcy

22nd October 2010
by Max Gunderson We recently had a client come in to our Tucson, Arizona bankruptcy office to set the wheels in motion to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our client currently lives in a rented apartment in the Tucson area but would like to find a more af...
Author: Max Gunderson
Business Law

How to Extend Your Lease with Little Stress

15th September 2010
This article is a guide on how to extend the lease like shop lease with a little stress. Often customers want to know what they are entitled to when they are much higher, than what it costs and how to get started. If you have a contract for more than two...
Business Law

Property management can make you stop worrying

22nd June 2010
Property management can involve a lot of different things but in general it is taking care of the property so as to keep it clean and livable. This is undertaken by a lot of companies and choosing the right company for your property could be a challenge. ...
Author: Areal Cleaning Services
Personal Injury

Get Our Personal Injury Attorney at Colorado Springs to Solve Your Case

16th June 2010
Nerve-racking situation of Personal Injury shatters the entire verve in us, either due to frailty or ignorance; we don't even wrestle for our deserved privileges. No ally stands besides you for combating against the anguish endured by us, owing to someone...
Author: amilli
Real Estate Law

Leasing Office Space – Part 11 of 23 Funding Tenant Improvements

28th April 2010
Will the Landlord Pay? The landlord is usually willing to fund tenant improvement expenditures provided he is confident the tenant has the financial capacity to pay rent for the term of the lease. For large companies with strong balance sheets, landlor...
Author: Patrick O Connor
Real Estate Law

Why do I Need Tenant Forms ?

01st April 2010
A question that is asked by many new or would be land lords. If you are considering jumping into real estate as an investment welcome aboard. Real estate presents many wonderful benefits but like any good thing there are also some consequences involved in...
Author: James Kahn
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