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How to Extend Your Lease with Little Stress

15th September 2010
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This article is a guide on how to extend the lease like shop lease with a little stress. Often customers want to know what they are entitled to when they are much higher, than what it costs and how to get started. If you have a contract for more than two years - even if you do not live there - and has 21 + years before it expires, you should be able to extend it. You must be allowed an extension of up to 90 years, which is above all other years you have in your existing lease. The rent is reduced to zero and the cost you'll pay (the ‘premium’) should be calculated in accordance with law. But what is that fee. Well, the landlord is entitled to compensation for the loss he will experience on granting of the pub lease extension.

This includes:

  • The decrease in the value of the landlord's interest in the surface, the difference between the value of his interest now to the tenancy and the value of his interest after award of the new lease with the 90 years.

  • The owner's share of the value of marriage value

  • Allowances for impairment due to the grant of the lease extended.

  • Although you should talk to the owner for an appointment to extend its lease shops, it is always advisable to obtain a professional evaluation of the costs of enlargement, and can be used in a database. This report can be used again if you bring your application to a court. A formal lease agreement will start the notification by the service of the tenant to the owner. However, a lot of work to be completed before starting the procedure and professional advisers (solicitor lease), as this area can provide experienced attorney extending the right to lease the structure better and more efficient.

    First, you should check the eligibility to see if you can request an extension of the lease for like lease restaurant and under what conditions. After the owner will accept the value of the premium, your own economy to establish and collect data. Once this is completed, you must be willing to serve the message and get ready for the next steps. It is recommended to access the expertise of lawyers and surveyors can do for you. If services can include a full assessment of the land owner negotiations, the lawyer then address the legal processes and documents. In this way we can ensure that the property has peaked marketability sitting in the best place possible.

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