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3 Very Important Ways Commercial Lighting Retrofit Companies Save Businesses Money

09th February 2011
By Seowork011 in Business Law
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If you're considering a commercial lighting retrofit, you're probably in the process of weighing up the future savings against the cost of quotes obtained from these companies. With the possibility of energy costs rising in the future, and lighting costs accounting for up to 50% of the power bill for some commercial premises, it's no surprise that lighting retrofit services are receiving an increasing number of enquiries about the benefits of commercial lighting retrofits.

Here are 3 important ways retrofit companies can save your business money:

1. Energy Efficient Lighting Reduces Energy Costs

Advances in lighting technology over the past decade have been significant, resulting in lighting solutions that consume less energy and therefore cost less to run. This alone can shave a pleasing sum off a commercial power bill. Retrofit services offer a range of options, from simply replacing outdated lights to undertaking a comprehensive commercial lighting retrofit that could save your company thousands of dollars a year in lighting costs.

2. Wireless Commercial Lighting

If you think that a complete retrofit is prohibitively expensive because it requires complete rewiring of your premises, you'll be pleased to find out that you're wrong! Commercial lighting retrofit services are able to use wireless technology to your advantage. This can keep installation costs down and potentially reduce future wiring maintenance costs. Wireless systems also offer you the ability to analyze and control your lighting usage and costs from a computer.

3. Ability to Control & Reduce Consumption

Whether you opt for a wireless or hard wired, new lighting technology offers you the opportunity to control and therefore reduce the amount of energy your building lighting consumes. There are several ways that cost can be reduced:

  • Scheduling: timers can be used to turn lights on and off at set times, or even to dim lighting.

  • Day Light Harvesting: sensors can be used detect the amount of daylight entering via building windows and adjust the lighting accordingly.

  • Occupancy: sensors that detect persons entering and departing an area can be utilized to reduce costs by dimming or turning lights off when an area is not in use.

When you're weighing up the advantages the cost of engaging lighting retrofit services, it's important to remember that the savings mentioned above are ongoing. If you're paying a small fortune in energy costs, the cost of this could be quickly redeemed by the savings. Add to that any utility rebates and government tax incentives you may be eligible for, and a commercial fiting can be a very smart choice.

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