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Personal Financial Planning - Road to Financial Independence

05th June 2013
Obtaining a credit card nowadays is becoming so easy that even a young person just starting out into the working world could be supporting to 5-10 credit cards inside a year into employment. Thus, it is no real surprise that many people are according to t...
Author: IshanGoradiya

What to Do About IRS Back Taxes

29th July 2011
Because tax debt is so common in America, people have a tendency to put it off. They pay their mortgages and credit card bills religiously, but the letters from the IRS go into the drawer, often unopened. Then one day a dour man in a dark suit knocks on y...
Author: Dori Faxton

Surviving a cheating spouse

23rd May 2011
Infidelity is becoming more and more common in relationships in our ever growing and fast paced society. There are many things to blame infidelity on whether it be the Internet, more women in the work place, the slippage of societies moral ground, the lis...
Author: dbuck5892
Bankruptcy Law

Different approaches between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

09th November 2010
If you are facing any problems of the financial kind, then the option of bankruptcy can prove to be the remedy for escaping out from this situation. Filing a bankruptcy case can be an option when your creditors are waiting for you to pay those piled up an...
Author: Jay King

Get a Free Guide For Finding the Best and Fast Debt Relief Options

02nd November 2010
There is so much misguide out there about debt relief that many consumers feel hopelessly stuck with their bad credit scores because they simply don't realize that there are legal steps that can be taken against the credit bureaus to correct errors, eras...
Author: taxreturnfiling
Bankruptcy Law

Stop Wage Garnishments

24th September 2010
Are you barely making ends meet with your current wages? What kind of financial trouble would you be in if you were making 25 or 50 percent less than you are now? That kind of financial peril can happen if one or more of your creditors gets a judgment a...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

Which bankruptcy chapter is the least expensive?

30th July 2010
Nowadays nearly everyone is now going for the cheapest way to procure goods and services. Perhaps this is a result of the recent global financial crisis that crop up a couple of years ago. From communication services, cosmetics, perfume, clothing, gift...
Author: Wanda Jones