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The Divorce Process

18th March 2011
Divorce involves more than telling your spouse your want out of a relationship. With divorce, Wall NJ residents must be prepared for an appearance in court or before a family mediator. All states have their own particular divorce laws and regulations. It ...
Author: Guide Wesley

Preventing Tax Related Identity Theft

09th February 2011
The United States Federal Trade Commission estimates as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft is a crime in which an impostor obtains key pieces of someone else’s personal identifying information - such as Soci...
Author: Roni Deutch
Business Law

Form a Singapore Corporation and Its Legal Requirements

15th November 2010
A Singapore corporation provides several advantages especially in terms of bankruptcy protection and tax exemptions and benefits. With this, many foreign and local entrepreneurs choose this legal business formation for their companies. However, corpora...
Author: asiabiz
Family Law

Have You Thought Of All The Fundamental Questions You Should Be Sure Of Before Choosing Divorce?

13th May 2010
Why are you choosing divorce? Often times people choose divorce because of a disagreement that goes too far. On other occasions the attachment that was once there has been wrecked or another person is in the picture. What is your particular situation? Ask...
Author: Chris

Frequently Asked Questions for Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Bank Accounts

18th March 2010
Over the last year, the United States government has taken a great interest in undisclosed foreign bank accounts. Individual taxpayers who file U.S tax returns, and who have any offshore or foreign accounts must report income from these offshore accounts...
Author: Kevin2

Understanding Annulment Forms

06th January 2010
What are Annulment Forms? It is a legal document that when granted to declare the marriage annulled and void. A kind of document that will consider marriage has never took place. The petitioner must prove that the respondent has never been engaged his lif...
Author: James Kahn

Voluntary Disclosure Program: IRS Doors Still Open

08th December 2009
The deadline to apply to the IRS's Voluntary Disclosure Program has long gone, however U.S. taxpayers can still file a voluntary disclosure under the IRS's regular procedures. The IRS and U.S. Department of Justice ramped up its highly publicized inves...
Author: Kevin Thorn

Expat Taxes filing and offshore assets reporting requirements

03rd August 2009
Income from Abroad is Taxable If you are an American working and living outside your country, then there are few things you should know about Expat taxes. Many United States Expats and resident aliens receive income from foreign sources. If you are ...
Author: USIndiaTax