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Using An Elisor

18th January 2012
I am not a lawyer, I am a Judgment and Collection Agency Broker. This article is my opinion, based on my California experiences, and laws are different in each state. If you want a strategy to use or legal advice, please contact an attorney. An Elisor ...
Author: Mark D. Shapiro
Immigration Law

Enjoy the privileges of being a family member of US citizens

21st December 2011
US citizenship is the zenith in the life cycle of any immigrant. It gives them greater benefits than what they were enjoying previously as immigrants/ legal permanent residents. It not only benefits them but also their immediate family members. So to put...
Author: Jessica Potter
Immigration Law

Form I-360 for classifying an alien as Amerasian immigrant

11th October 2011
USCIS offers different routes for immigrants to enter the US based on their eligibility criteria. Immigration forms also vary for each immigrant category. Form I-360 is one such form which is an immigrant petition that is to be used by Amerasian, widow or...
Author: Jessica Potter
Estate Planning

Probate Estates: Starting the Probate Process

07th January 2011
Probate refers to two things. One is the process of submitting a deceasedís last Will to the court. If the Will is proved valid, the court grants an order of probate (admitting the document as the decedentís valid Last Will and Testament. The other meanin...
Author: Jakub Bednar
Immigration Law

How to Easily Acquire a Marriage Visa

08th December 2010
How to Easily Acquire a Marriage Visa A foreign born spouse of an American citizen can get a K3 visa if he or she wants to live in the United States. They can also bring all unmarried children under the age of 18 through a K4 visa. Both K3 and K4 v...
Author: fianceevisa
Immigration Law

Why some Philippines Fiance Visa Applications Are Denied

10th November 2010
Why some Philippines Fiance Visa Applications Are Denied - Receiving a denial for your Philippines fiance visa petition can really derail a lot of your serious plans. It can also cost you a lot of money. There are a number...
Author: fianceevisa
Business Law

Who Can Apply For The Obama Loan Modification Plan?

21st October 2010
What is needed to apply for the Obama's Federal HAMP loan modification and how to qualify for it? These two basic questions always revolve around the debtors mind. This program worth $74 billion is designed to help those homeowners who are under risk of f...
Author: Refinance Mortgage

What supporting documents do I need to submit with the Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions

22nd September 2010
Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence is a petition used to remove the conditons on residence. If you are a conditional resident and obtained the conditional status through marriage, then you should use Form I-751 for removal of condi...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law

Visa Waiver for Refusal at the US Consulate

29th June 2010
For US visa applicants who were issued a "blue sheet" 221(g) under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), wherein the consular officer discovered new information or detected a discrepancy in the case, the applicant is given an opportunity to remit evidenc...
Author: Cathy Tran Reck
Copyright & Trademark

How to Renew Your Registered U.S. Trademarks

01st April 2010
Unlike other forms of intellectual property (e.g., patents and copyrights) trademarks can, in theory, be maintained forever. To do so, however, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) maintains strict and unwavering requirements concern...
Author: The Trademark Company
Estate Planning

A Guide on Preparing Last Will and Testament Forms

23rd March 2010
A help from an advocate is very valued in order that you can bring ahead the written material suitably as showed by the law. This kind of written material wants to be brought ahead validly and accordingly to the justice foundation on real estate rights. I...
Author: Arun

What are the Clauses in a Last Will and Testament

09th March 2010
What are the Clauses in a Last Will and Testament A Last Will and Testament is a legal announcement or a document, which an individual makes as a disposition of the personal or real property to one or few individuals and is handed over for managing the sa...
Author: Gerard Long

The Importance of Filing the Marriage Certificate Form

20th January 2010
Marriage is a word that means all people like to be into. It is known as the next steps and new phase of life after courtship stage. It is part of daily living, part of our life when two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives lov...
Author: James Kahn

Ontario Divorce Law

15th December 2009
The Divorce Act is a federal law made by the Parliament of Canada, administered equally across all provinces and territories. Only the superior court of each province has jurisdiction to deal with a Petition for Divorce, in Ontario divorce law. The Act s...
Author: Josh D. Simon

Understanding More About Tax Audited Financial Statements

14th December 2009
If you are in New York or for that matter in any state, when you receive a notice from the IRS that you are going to be audited you need to get all your tax audited financial statements ready for the meeting. Maybe you are not well versed in the intricaci...
Author: Jonathan Medows, CPA
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