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The Importance of Filing the Marriage Certificate Form

20th January 2010
By James Kahn in Legal
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Marriage is a word that means all people like to be into. It is known as the next steps and new phase of life after courtship stage. It is part of daily living, part of our life when two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives loving, caring and fulfilling together and decided to get married. Is a wedding ceremony is not enough proof that the couple is legally married? The answer is NO.

A legally married couple has their marriage certificate authenticated in civil registrar office and mark as true certified copy. In any aspect of life, we need a license when you want to have a business and that business must acquire its license before operation. You also need a driver license to drive your own car. So every married couple should have a marriage certificate or license.

What is marriage certificate? A marriage certificate is a legal document that allows any couple to be legally married. Any couple can get marriage certificate form in church, government agency and on the internet. A marriage certificate forms is needed to make the wedding ceremony legal in the eyes of law and every one. When it was authenticated then it will be called as "marriage contract" or "marriage license."

There are two types of marriage licenses. These are public marriage license and confidential license.

1. Public Marriage License. A public marriage license is legal license stating a couple has been wed. You can obtain a copy of this license by paid search services in the internet or in government sites. A marriage couple should be at least 18 years of age to obtain a license. There must be one or two witnessed present at the ceremony.

2. Private/Confidential Marriage License. A marred couple must be 18 years old or older when having this kind of marriage license. The marred couple must sign an affidavit of attesting a fact. This type of license does not need per witnesses at the ceremony. The record cannot be purchased by any research sites or state office only the marriage couple can have the copy of the license.

For legality and to put everything in order the couple who love each other got married. However there are couples who do not believed the power of a marriage license. As we all observed there are many broken marriages and many couples are filing for divorce. Although in some point the legality of marriage is very important in terms of lawfully rights. Legal wife has full rights to her husband than the mistress or concubines. Marriage license protects the rights of the wife and will be given full rights and support by law. Even all children of the same father have equal rights; the child inside marriage will be given special consideration than the other child.
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