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Business Law

The Changing Face of Primary Care: An Overview

27th June 2012
The shortage of primary care physicians (PCPs) in the United States has been a well publicized and well documented issue. However, the solutions to the various issues faced by primary care in the country have been obscure even after the implementati...
Author: Andersen Keen
Immigration Law

Health Insurance coverage For Immigrants

03rd March 2011
For new immigrants, understanding the medical care policies of their new nation may be a strange and complicated method. Medical insurance is typically pricey, and new immigrants will not have a wonderful deal of cash to begin their new lives with. Health...
Author: Avery Whitehead

Health Care Reform Bill Summary

10th February 2011
Immediately after what looks like permanently, Congress has last but not least handed a health care reform bill. The query is, although, what is in this bill? What true changes will folks practical experience as a result of all this wrangling? Or are thes...
Author: Kirkland Jenkins