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Immigration Law

Mulling Over Australia Immigration from India?

05th September 2011
With the Land of Kangaroos fast emerging as a hot destination for immigration purposes, lately, focus has shifted to India from where immigration to this beautiful nation -- which is rightly called the Land of endless Opportunities -- is at an all time hi...
Author: preeti sharma
Medical Malpractice

Why Nurses Might Fail To Notify A Doctor That Baby Suffers From A Placental Abruption

23rd February 2011
There are several types of mistakes medical staff make when faced with an expectant mother experiencing a placental abruption. The reason that an abruption of the placental is so dangerous for the unborn child is that is can greatly lessen the amount of o...
Author: J. Hernandez
Business Law

ACLS Training - Treatment That Enhances Life

27th September 2010
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a protocol for handling patients who are experiencing severe medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. ACLS also refers to the skills and training necessary to use the protocol safely and properly. Because ACLS in...
Author: onlineaclsbls
Medical Malpractice

Physicians And Nurses Pay $4.0 Million Settlement In Lawsuit Regarding Infant With Cerebral Palsy

23rd August 2010
The fetal heart rate monitor provides doctors and nurses with useful data regarding the health of the unborn baby while the mother is in labor. The tracings from the monitor are interpreted for signs that the health of the unborn baby is in danger. Should...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

$4,000,000 Settlement Reached Over Error By Doctors And Nurses That Led to Infant's Cerebral Palsy

10th June 2010
The fetal heart rate monitor provides doctors and nurses with valuable information regarding the health of the unborn baby while the mother is in labor. The information from the monitor is used to track whether the baby is doing well or is in fetal distre...
Author: J. Hernandez
Immigration Law

The Impact Of Australian Immigration Policy Changes

12th March 2010
Australian migration is often one of the most common things that many workers applying here think about. And this is really not that surprising, as there are indeed many opportunities waiting for them here. However, in recent years, various changes in imm...
Author: Principal Visas
Personal Injury

Recent famous/large TBI and Head Injury cases in Chicago

11th March 2010
Astonishing Chicago Brain Injury CasesFive-Year Old Boy Awarded $35 Million SettlementIn 2004 Andrew Arkebauer, a five-year old boy, was awarded a record $35 million settlement due to a brain injury case against an anesthesiologist at Northwestern Memoria...
Author: tomomalley25
Immigration Law

Immigration to Australia: Employer-Sponsored Temporary Visas

24th November 2009
Skilled laborers can easily apply for immigration and work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. All you need to do is look for an Australian employer willing to sponsor you. The company must be a lawfully operating Australian or overseas employ...
Author: Haines