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Probate & Obituary Marketing

06th October 2005
By John Michael in Legal
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Marketing to probate and obituaries can be a wonderful opportunity to

investors but for me the key to success is to avoid dealing with the

issues of death and to stick to the issues of dealing with the


I start my marketing with obituaries followed with probate filings

and find it just another effective way to acquire property.

Short of courthouse research you can go to your local library and go

to the reference department and research using what is called a Polk

City directory that will list if the deceased party owns real estate.

I use a simple letter that has produced great response as follows:

This is the letter that I use.


I am looking at purchasing several properties at and around

________________________(property address) and would like to talk to

you about the purchase of ________________________(property address)

if you would be interested in selling.

Thank you for your time and you can reach me at ( )______ -



John Michael

Did you know that;

*Having a will guarantees that your estate will go through probate?

*Your exact probate cost is unknown but the average cost of probate

is 4% to 10% of the gross estate?

*The average length of probate throughout the country is 13 months?

*90% of all estates of singe-widowed adults age 60 and over go

through probate?

*Failure to utilize each spouse's federal estate tax equivalent

exemption can cost an estate up to $235,000 in unnecessary taxes?

*****END OF LETTER*****

Keep in mind that that normally you will have to have cash on hand to

make this type of purchase but you will find some properties can be

obtained through creative strategies.

Using creative strategies does work if only you ask. The worst that

can happen is you will get a "NO"! So you get 100, 200 or even 300

no's before you get a "YES" to your creative strategy such as a "NO


or any other creative form of investing!

It only takes one "YES" to profit!
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