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Car Accident Compensation?

28th September 2005
By Mohammad Latif in Legal
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A car accident compensation claim is even for drivers who are the utmost careful drivers in the world as there are no guarantees that a car accident can occur.

As a matter of fact, you could have some sort of accident sooner or later. Possibly the fault of someone else's stupidity.

Therefore you should know how to react in such a situation, how to avoid any problems and how to make a successful compensation claim.

I Had A Car Accident - What Should I Do?

Right after an accident you should have at least done the following - exchanged details with all parties involved: name, address, phone number, policy number and insurance company's name, car and registration plate number.

If any of the drivers isn't the owner of the car he was driving, you still need that person's name, as he was driving at the time.

If possible, you should write down the names, address and numbers of any witnesses who saw what happened, take any statements if possible.

As soon as possible write down all the circumstances, including the details concerning other cars: model, damage caused and received. If you have a camera, take some pictures.

If you don't, it may be useful to draw a schematic picture of the accident scene, including road junctions, any traffic lights and position of all vehicles participating in the accident.

If for any reasons you can't stop at the accident scene, you must report it to your insurance company within 24 hours.

Medical Assistance

Even though you may feel normal right after the car accident, it doesn't mean that you didn't suffer any injuries. Symptoms of car accident injuries may appear even 48 hours later. Seek medical assistance and keep a daily record of your injuries, the medication and treatment of it. Write down all your expenses, keep all bills and - if possible - all receipts as well.

What Can I Include In A Car Accident Claim?

Car accident compensation may cover numerous losses. First of all, you can make an injury claim and get compensation for any personal injuries to you or any passengers, as well as for the costs of any medical treatment. Pain and suffering - any psychological damage may be compensated, too.

Furthermore, you can claim costs for damage to your car and property, including diminution of your vehicle's value and insurance policy excess. Any loss of your income caused by the accident and even reduced job prospects in the future may be the subject of a car accident claim.

Use of a replacement car or courtesy car while yours is either being repaired or evaluated, can also be compensated. As you can see a car accident compensation claim is a very broad subject and it includes not only an accident injury claim, but much more details - important both in your private and working life.

Too Many Details?

All these details seem complicated when you read about them. But there is no reason why you should take care of everything by yourself. When you suffer from a car injury it's better for you to leave all the procedures to a professional personal injury specialist and let them take care of the paperwork. You on the other hand just take care of your health, leave the other worries in the hands of a quality accident solicitor.

If you were injured in a car accident, you're hurt and tired, so it's easy to forget about some important issues. That is why you should contact an accident solicitor - proficient and experienced - and let them do all the necessary work to grant you good compensation. Thanks to 'no win no fee' you don't risk any money and if you lose your claim, the solicitor pays all the fees and bills.

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