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How To Deal With A Whiplash Injury

08th September 2005
By Mohammad Latif in Legal
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It happens all the time: long, tiresome travel, a moment of distraction or a sudden meeting with a road-hog - and suddenly you end up in a crash. Whiplash injury is very often, maybe 80% of the time, the result of car accidents.

It's an injury caused when the neck suddenly jerks backwards and forward or vice versa during a collision. A small percentage of whiplash injuries can cause traumas lasting many several years with many chronic problems. Each year British insurers deal with approximately 250,000 claims for this kind of injury! That's a quarter of a million claims.

Recognise The Symptoms!

There are no two identical accidents and the symptoms of a whiplash injury may vary depending on e.g. vehicles' speed, kind of collision (whether it's front, rear or side), etc. Saying all that, there are some symptoms, which may often vary on a day-to-day basis. Victims can suffer from headaches, dizziness and nausea together with vomiting. Shoulders and arms become stiff or numb or one can feel neck and back pains or 'pins and needles' type of feeling. Blurred vision and ringing in the ears may also occur.

The Whiplash Injury Claim

As you will see, whiplash injury may result in long months of health problems and discomfort. Wearing a collar support, living on pain and anti-inflammatory medications - is not an easy time for anyone. Not mentioning how it can affect your daily job making it difficult or even impossible to perform the simplest task. Don't you think that you deserve some solid compensation for all your health problems and frustration?

You deserve to make a whiplash injury claim in the fastest, easiest and least stressful way possible. It's hard to deal with insurance companies when you're injured and simply tired with the present situation.

So How Would You Handle It?

The answer is very simple: make use of a good accident compensation solicitor. They not only become your legal advisor - their job is to take care of all the process of claiming your accident compensation.

First, they grant you professional medical examination of your injury. Then handle all the procedures - pays the bills and fees, represent you in court, etc. You don't have to worry about anything - it's the solicitor's duty to make your claim successful and to win the compensation for you in the most comfortable manner.

Companies hassling injured people and offering their services in brazen and insolent ways belong in the past. Nowadays, the methods of an injury claim is customised to make the process of claiming compensation stress-free. In cases of painful and lingering health problems, like whiplash traumas, making it as easy as possible, is just priceless.

Priceless? But Really, What Is The Price Of It?

Probably the most important aspect for you is, the services of an accident solicitor doesn't cost you anything at all. If you successfully claim your injury compensation, you get 100% of it - no tricks.

All the bills and payments are paid by the party who lose the case. On the other hand, if you lose, you don't pay for anything either - the solicitor makes all the payments.

Why should you pay for something that wasn't your fault? It's logical, isn't it? So there is no risk involved in cooperating with an accident solicitor.

Whiplash injury itself is painful enough. Why would you add the pain of handling all the compensation claim by yourself, if you can make use of a quality solicitor?

It's easy, stress-free and free don't forget about the last one. Solicitors are not a leech wishing to suck your wallet dry - you don't pay a single penny for their help as it gets recovered from the other party insurers. But instead, as a 'friend' in need, makes your life easier when the troubles comes upon you.

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