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No-win no claim compensation in UK

22nd June 2011
By Jodie Snider in No Win No Fee
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If you have an accident in the united kingdom its a personal injury, which is a no-win no fee lawyer to help you with your claim. There are several lawyers available on the high street who you can speak to about your situation, however you may also desire to check on the Internet to find a suitable specialist company.

Many no-win no claim lawyers offer free initial consultations and thereafter will consider taking place on the purpose that should they succeed they can recover their own legal fees completely and should the case fail, no charge whatsoever would be paid to you as the injured party.

The majority of solicitors will take a risk that a personal injury claim will probably be successful and it has now become common practice for companies to just accept that some claims will be successful where some others will simply fail. You can charge a client any legal fees for those who have taken a claim for personal injury forward based on a no-win no claim agreement. As a way to reflect this risk element a solicitor is allowed to charge a success fee at the end of the case, this fee is usually paid through the insurers who ultimately compensate the injured party on behalf of the defendant.

The success of the fee billed by solicitors does vary rather considerably. In very straightforward claims a success fee may perhaps be just 12.5% (an example of a road accident) but particular complex claims may entitle the solicitor to claim a 100% success fee mark up. This additional fee provides sufficient incentive and enticements for a solicitor to consider a claim that might otherwise not be brought.

It's not too long ago that in order to make a personal injury claim in England and Wales, you had to fund the exercise personally or obtain legal aid. Neither choice was particularly desirable for many injured parties and for that reason few claims were ever brought. Fortunately the legal system underwent a series of reforms that have all helped towards making the claims process a little simpler and also a little less stressful than it would otherwise be.

Anybody suffering a personal injury through no fault of their own should have the right to seek representation for a possible claim. Solicitors are usually very happy to offer cost-free legal counsel on an informal basis at the very start of the claimant and legitimate claimants shouldn't be scared of making enquiries of this nature. To learn more about no-win no fee legal advice you should contact your local specialist solicitor who would be very happy to explain more about the concept and how you can benefit from the process.
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