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The two main types of injury claims that are relevant to injurys in the place of work

17th June 2011
By anton in No Win No Fee
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One of the more advertised and publicised sorts of injury or accident is the variety that occurs in work or during working hours. This type of injury or accident is typically caused by the fault of an firm, worker or an inability to keep to the health and safety suggestions that have been set for the detailed working environment that you operate in. There are pros and cons encompassing claiming compensation for an accident or personal injury at work and one of the cons is that you could lose your job as a result of your personal injury claim. A business cannot rightly dismiss you from your job for making a claim for compensation against them or the firm, but they can make your working life difficult in other ways or search for other excuses to finish your employment contract. Donít let this fact put you off though because if you have undergone a severe injury that could affect you for the long term then it is your right to claim the compensation that you deserve. If you are in a job that you donít particularly like or in a non permanent position with no real long term prospects then you donít much in the way to lose.

Accidents in the workplace can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes they can vary from accidents that are on the spot like a fall or slip that causes injury or the other kind of claim is for a sickness or injury that has occurred over a length of time maybe years as for an example contact to various materials or working conditions. If for example you were employed in a factory that manufactured paint and the chemical substances that are associated with the manufacture of paint caused damage to your respiratory system and your breathing was forever damaged the you have the right to claim compensation. This form of claim is a lot harder to prove than an injury that occurs instantly like a fall or an injury, as a defence lawyer can argue that other factors could have impacted you medical state, but donít let this fact put you off if you feel that you have suffered an illness that has affected you in the long term due to your previous working life then get in touch with a lawyer to go over you case in detail.

The other type of accident at the office is the on the spot accident the type that takes place as a direct result of a specific scenario. To illustrate if you are employed in a manufacturing unit and you were to have an accidental fall or slip on say an oil patch that has not been cleared up then you are well justified to make a claim for compensation against the company who you work for. This is also applicable if you are a visitor to that company as it is the companies duty to guarantee that there is no trip or slip dangers in or on their site that could cause an accident or injury of any description to any persons who are employed at or who are visiting the place of business. This type of claim for compensation is a lot less difficult for a law practice to fight as it is regularly clear cut and there is normally someone to direct the blame at. If you have had an accident working or have been injured during the course of your working day and you feel that it is not your fault then contact a no win no fee compensation claims attorney to talk about your situation in more detail.

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