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No Win No Fee - The New Breed of Solicitor

17th May 2011
By Jimmy Querida in No Win No Fee
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No win no fee solicitors have in recent years have cropped up everywhere, no win no fee solicitors have enabled those who have limited resources the opportunity to follow a claim where otherwise they might not have been able to afford such a service. This does beg the question; how does a solicitor who operates on a no win no fee basis actually make their money?

Now there are no win no fee solicitors out there who are happy to arrange with you a cost for their services before any work is done on your behalf, they are likely to use what is known in the industry as a ‘conditional fee agreement’, this essentially means that if a client’s case is not successful then you would not have to pay the solicitor, they would not get paid at all by the client. Oppositely if your claim proves to be successful and your case is won, a solicitor will recover their fee from the opposing client.

Competent solicitors should recommend that you get an insurance policy to protect you on the off chance that your claim is unsuccessful, after all you don’t want to end up losing the claim and paying potentially hefty fees.

It is well worth mentioning that finding a good law firm which specialise in the no win no fee claim area can be difficult, yet anyone who claims to be in this niche of the profession will likely have a lot of experience and expertise which are transferable to your particular case. After all they will best understand the entire legal process for any given claim, thus they are able to give informed advice and help you to make the best possible decisions regarding your claim. Most solicitors are transparent and would help you to understand the costs associated with any procedures within your claim for either outcome, making you aware of such additional fees – before you proceed further and further can help to save you your time and money.

When looking for a solicitor to work with and achieve a positive outcome, it is worth checking that they specialise in your particular ‘problem’ area, for example if you are seeking some compensation for a broken leg a specialist employment solicitors might not be the best option unless the cause of an accident places your employer to blame, otherwise a more preferable solution would be to seek the advice of an injury solicitor. The more knowledge a solicitor has of a given case, the better, and at the end of the day the greater chance your case has of success.

With no win no fee, a solicitor is taking a big gamble when they take on your case, however consider that they would not take on your case if there were no chance of success. Bear in mind that in some cases a solicitor may place a conditional fee if you win known as a ‘success fee’, payable if the case is won, which sometimes paid by the client or the opposing client.

These new breed of no win no fee solicitor have come along leaps and bounds and represent those who would not normally consider raising a claim in the first place and work hard to get you what you deserve.

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