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Is no win no fee really a fiddle or not...

28th March 2011
By anton in No Win No Fee
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No win no fee is it a swindle or not? Quite a lot of individuals out there speculate if the no win no fee claim is a fiddle or not. The great majority of people donít really appreciate what is exactly required in the legal process that is in involved. A great deal of people are under the notion that the lawyer or solicitor that is handling your claim for compensation is on the scam or that they actually make more than the settlement that we collect.

It will probably well be the case that the lawyers receives a large settlement for managing your compensation claim, but realistically business is business and solicitors and law firms have to make cash. There is a tremendous amount of work preparing a compensation claim, dealing with third party insurers and preparing a case for court if it goes that far. The amount that the lawyer receives is proportional to the work involved preparing your case.

As for the notion that the solicitors are on the scam is a bit of a fallacy to be honest, if you approach a law practice with regards to your compensation claim and they take your case on then the lawyer is taking your case on, on a no win no fee basis so you canít actually be scamed. The vast majority of law firms are honest and work to a code of very stringent values that surround the legal industry. A lot of us are under the impression that lawyers are out for their own gains and it is moderately true to a certain aspect but at the end of the day they are fighting for our compensation, and I personally think people tend to fear what they donít understand and that is just human nature.

The no win no fee claim has become very prevalent over the last few years as it has opened the door to a lot of individuals who would not typically have the financial reserves to take on a compensation claim for themselves. If you where unfortunate enough to have an accident whether it be in the workplace or outside your home that wasnít your fault then you have the right to compensation. There are a number of individuals out there who place dishonest claims for compensation and even set up spurious accidents so they can claim for compensation, but there are a lot of us who suffer major life changing injuries caused by accidents that where not our fault, and have the right to compensation for the inconvenience and pain we suffer. The no win no fee claim has given all of us a platform to fight for what we deserve, personally I think it is a great scheme and should not be looked upon as a fiddle.

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