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Trade Suppliers - Dropshipping B2B

23rd February 2011
By Jane M Dawson in No Win No Fee
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Trade suppliers specialize in supplying to businesses, unlike regular suppliers and dealers. For example, trade suppliers might be selling disposable plates and cups, crockery, and stemware to catering businesses. Many dealers offer machine parts and equipment to manufacturing plants. If you are in the business of selling products on a dropship basis, consider adding trade suppliers to your regular list of wholesale suppliers. This will allow you to target a new and profitable market: other businesses.


One of the reasons you may want to associate with parties that supply to traders is that it can help you earn through bulk orders placed by business houses, traders, and professionals. People with a trade often place larger orders than individuals who order supplies for personal needs. A construction company will usually place larger orders for cement than a homeowner who is renovating his or her home. Don’t limit yourself to large businesses. Even work-from-home professionals, freelance staff, and other traders often place bulk orders for trade supplies. These professionals find it hard to catch the attention of large manufacturers and dealers, who deal only in very high-volume customers, such as retail stores, hotels, boutiques, offices, and other businesses. Trade suppliers are usually happy with the arrangement as it allows them to focus on their core customers while the reseller brings them additional customers.

Selecting Suppliers By Location

Whether you are looking for U.S. wholesalers, U.K. wholesalers, or wholesalers in other locations, keep in mind that, the closer the wholesaler is to the customer location, the more you save on shipping costs. In a dropship arrangement, the dropshipper charges the reseller for shipping.

A second reason to be careful about dropshipper locations is that professionals and businesses do not tolerate delays in shipment. If an order does not reach them on time, or they need to return and replace the product, they have to be quick about it so as not to miss business deadlines. Therefore, the closer the supplier is to the end user of a product, the easier customer service for the reseller gets. After all, in the dropship arrangement, customers turn to resellers and not suppliers when they have a complaint.

Finding suppliers is not easy in any case. Finding suppliers in particular locations is a difficult task. An Internet search should be the seller’s first goal. Use a mixture of relevant key words, such as “office stationery supplier Ohio” or “trade supplier U.S.” If you are a very experienced and knowledgeable seller or you are plain lucky, you can whittle down the list thrown up by the search engine to a few relevant results. This method takes time, but it can be useful, and it does allow one to gauge the market and demand–supply scenario.

Usually, finding traders online is not this simple. This is why new and veteran online sellers depend on trade directories or trade forums to find trade suppliers. These directories can be searched by key words, or you can select the location when setting the search criteria.

Trade suppliers provide tools, equipment, and supplies related to particular trades or professions. Visit the specified link to read more about some US wholesalers.
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