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Indiana Motorcycle Laws – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
By Penelope Stone in Accident claims
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Those who drive a motorcycle in the state of Indiana are responsible for staying educated as to the laws of the state. Not knowing the laws can lead to a slew of trouble including traffic tickets, motorcycle accidents and even motorcycle injuries. If you should happen to be involved in a motorcycle accident, the following information will be pertinent for you to know beforehand to prevent and further headaches.

With regard to equipment used when riding a motorcycle, there are several laws in effect to be followed. In the state of Indiana, wearing a helmet is required by all operators and passengers under the age of eighteen. Those under the age of eighteen are also required to wear eye protection in the form of goggles, glasses for a transparent face shield. Additionally, there are no restrictions when it comes to the use of helmet speakers. While each state has different laws pertaining to “lane splitting,” (passing vehicles by moving between two lanes of traffic), the state of Indiana does not permit this action. Furthermore, Indiana prohibits more than one vehicle, including motorcycles, to stay abreast in a single lane.

The minimum requirement for motorcycle liability coverage in Indiana is as follows: For uninsured motorists, you must carry at least twenty five thousand dollars of coverage for one person in any single accident and at least fifty thousand dollars coverage for any single accident; for underinsured motorists, you must carry at least fifty thousand dollars coverage for bodily injury total for any single accident; and for property damage, you must carry at least ten thousand dollars coverage for property damage. While these are the minimum requirements, if you wish to obtain more coverage, you are certainly welcome to do so. Better safe than sorry.

Failure to maintain proper insurance coverage could cost you. In Indiana, if you fail to maintain appropriate insurance coverage, your license and registration could be suspended. The first offense will have a suspension of ninety days then up to one year for additional insurance lapses within three years. In order to reinstate your license you will have to pay certain fees. For the first offense, you will pay one hundred fifty dollars. For the second offense, you will pay two hundred twenty five dollars. For any subsequent offenses, you will pay three hundred dollars. In addition to paying fees, you will also be required to submit verification of insurance coverage. In Indiana, the motorcycle laws are not all that different to those of other states. The particulars are what you should be aware of. It makes all the difference.

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